RedMagic has launched a gaming phone with crazy RAM and a 165Hz screen


The ROG Phone 5 has been making waves recently with its newly announced 18GB of RAM, previously unheard of in a phone. Now RedMagic, Nubia’s gaming brand, have launched a gaming phone with matching RAM and its own crazy specs to boot.

The phone launched in collaboration with Tencent in China, and is called the RedMagic 6 and RedMagic 6 Pro. According to The Verge, a global launch is coming later this month.

This thing is FAST

Both phones are high-end devices, but the Pro is obviously a premium version with a premium price to match. Both phones sport a beefy Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, the newest Snapdragon processor, as well as active cooling fans for high-demand games, and 6.8in 1080p OLED displays with a ridiculous 165Hz refresh rate. Yes, you heard right, a whole 165Hz, giving the new RedMagic phones the fastest screens you can get right now.

Both phones also boast a single-touch sampling rate of 500Hz and 360Hz for multitouch, perfect for high-octane games where you’re constantly making inputs at a breakneck pace. The “shoulder triggers”, perfectly suited for shooters, have a touch sampling rate of 400Hz.

The major differences between the 6 and the 6 Pro are in the battery and the RAM. The 6 has a 5,050mAh battery that can be charged by RedMagic’s 66W charging system in 38 minutes, while the Pro has a 4,500mAh battery that can be fully juiced in less than 20 thanks to a 120w system. And while the standard 6 has 8GB of RAM at its disposal, the Pro has a whopping 18GB, making it a fearsome competitor for the ASUS ROG Phone 5.

Apparently, the phones are optimized for Tencent apps such as WeChat, and come with Tencent’s gaming software, Solar Core, preloaded so that the second you’ve got it out of the box the RedMagic 6 is all about the game.

The RedMagic 6 is priced at a converted R8,960 (at the time of writing) in China, and the Pro goes for around R15,560; the prices will probably vary once the phone goes global. RedMagic will let us know on the 16th of March.


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