A new Nintendo Direct will be streaming at midnight tonight


Nintendo has announced it’ll be streaming a 50-minute Nintendo Direct presentation today at midnight (local time. If you’re reading this from abroad, the times to observe are 23h00 CET and 22h00 UK time.

According to Nintendo’s press release the stream will largely focus on games that are currently available, “like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate“, as well as games “coming to the Nintendo Switch in the first half of 2021.”

Cards close to the chest

As is usually the case with Nintendo, there’s not much in the way of information other than what the publisher included in its press release. That having been said, rumours of a more powerful version of its current gaming platform, dubbed Nintendo Switch Pro, have been doing the rounds. Nintendo has denied these rumours, but you never know…

On top of that, Nintendo has a bunch of games in the pipeline that fans a likely to be eager to hear more about, including Monster Hunter Rise, which is arriving in March, and Pokemon Snap, which is set for release this April.

To tune in, check out the Nintendo Direct website or the Nintendo UK YouTube channel, where the broadcast will be streamed. For all you locals, have a good pot of coffee ready.


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