PlayStation 5 pre-orders open tomorrow for next batch on consoles in SA


With Christmas looming over the horizon, it’s a pretty good show that Sony managed to wrangle a few extra PlayStation 5s for South Africa. Starting tomorrow, you can pre-order your next-gen console from Koodoo, the official distributor of the PlayStation 5 in South Africa. Having said that, it’s worth bearing in mind how quickly the console sold out when the initial wave of pre-orders hit in September, so maybe be ready for 08:00 tomorrow, 13 November.

The next batch of next-gen PlayStations will be ready for delivery between 16 and 20 December, meaning that hopefully, you won’t be disappointing your children on Christmas morning. If you’re fast enough, that is. Koodoo tweeted out that there’s still a fairly limited amount of stock to go around and considering how quickly consumers flew through the last pre-orders, it’s safe to say that will probably be the case this time around too.

PlayStation 5 is the gift that keeps on giving… hopefully

Koodoo also confirmed that the PS5 stock will include both the standard edition and the digital edition of the console. The digital edition of the console is exactly the same as the normal model, it just doesn’t come with a disc drive so all your games will need to be… well, digital.

It’s a pretty great month for gamers all over the world as next-gen finally become current gen. Just this week we had the launch of the Xbox Series X and S in South Africa and the PlayStation 5 will arrive next week with some previews already surfacing across the internet. The second we get our grubby mitts on the PlayStation 5, we’ll be sure to test it and give it a thorough review!

Head on over to Koodoo to pre-order your PlayStation 5 tomorrow, 13 November, at 08:00 in the morning! Just remember that if you don’t manage to grab one, there’ll certainly be more opportunities in the future so don’t panic! The standard PlayStation 5 will cost you R12,000 while the Digital Edition comes in at R10,000.


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  2. Angie Gillmer on

    Please can you notify me of the next available PS5, I wanted to purchase one for my son for Christmas 🙁 and it is almost impossible to obtain 1 as every where it is sold out, I honestly never knew that it would be so difficult.

    fingers and toes crossed that something comes up before Christmas

    Thanking you in advanced

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