Google Drive will now automatically delete trashed files after 30 days


If you’re the kind of person that writes a lot then you probably use Google Drive. If you, for some bizarre reason, don’t have Google Drive then you should really get on that. It’s free, efficient and offers as much storage as you’d realistically need for storing loads of documents on the cloud. Yet, like most apps that work in the cloud, it can be a little annoying to delete files you no longer need. They’ll end up in your “Trash” where they’ll sit and continue to take up space until you remember to delete everything in that specific folder. I suppose it’s good for people who’re very indecisive yet the process could also be far more streamlined. Fortunately, Google is fixing that.

Google has announced that Drive will now empty user’s trash folders automatically after 30 days of a file being placed within it. Sure, it seems like a small feature to add but it’s just really nice to know that I won’t need to consciously remember to discard all the trash I’ve built up after scrapping several different scripts for that drama series that will probably never be picked up by Netflix. Quiet, just let me have my dreams.

The update will take effect from 13 October, so sooner rather than later. If you’re a document hoarder, don’t panic too much though. G Suite Admins will still have 25 day window to restore any deleted files back onto your Drive so at least there’s an opportunity to save any vital documents you might have accidentally thrown away. Hey, it happens to the best of us.

(Source: The Verge)


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