Paul Rudd, a verified cool person, asks people to wear masks


Who’s the coolest person you can think of? Odds are, you probably landed on Paul Rudd. The man who seemingly doesn’t age is just really… cool, you know? He’s helped defeat Thanos, been in loads of corny rom-com movies and even helped Ron Burgandy be the best anchorman he could possibly be. All I’m saying is that there are few celebrities as radical as Paul Rudd. He also just seems like genuinely cool human being, one that’s been able to stay relatively down to earth despite his fame and success. Now, he’s trying to leverage his coolness to help spread some important messages to the world and he makes some valid points.

Well, it’s only really one point he’s making: Where a damn mask. The video, which has been doing phenomenally well across social media, see’s Paul Rudd sharing the very important message in a way that’s just so modern it’s a little painful to watch. Appealing to the youth of the world (or more specifically America, they need more help than anyone right now) to don protective face masks to keep themselves and others safe from the still very prevalent coronavirus pandemic, Paul Rudd makes a very compelling argument as to why masks are “totally beast”.

As for the actual presentation of the video…well, you should just watch it yourself. I can’t do it justice with words but it’s short, well-produced and definitely worth your time. The video is currently sitting on 125K likes on Twitter and 49K retweets so I guess it’s fair to say it’s part of this week’s zeitgeist and you don’t want to miss out on that, right?

(Source: Deadline)


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