Last night Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War showed off some gameplay and a hefty price tag


The original Call of Duty: Black Ops, the one that started off this whole franchise-within-a-franchise remains one of our most beloved games since it launched nearly a decade ago. On that note, did you know that Black Ops 1 launched a decade ago? Crack open the retirement village, lads. We’re getting older just thinking about that. Of course, being old hasn’t exactly been much of a barrier for the Call of Duty franchise as they’re still churning out more games every year with the latest one being Black Ops: Cold War. The trailer for the campaign dropped last night and it looks…pretty good, if you can set aside all the China censorship garbage involved in the teaser. Yet while you might be excited for the new game, there’s something you should know about the price…

If you’re hoping to pick up Black Ops: Cold War for next generation hardware, you’ll need to fork over more money than usual. Currently, most AAA games launch with a price tag of $60 which is usually translated to roughly R899 or R999 depending on the publisher. If you want the next-gen version of the game you’ll have to pay $70, which at the time of writing is just under R1,200. Not exactly ideal, that.

Some other things to note about the release of Black Ops: Cold War. If you purchase the PS5/Xbox Series X version, it comes with a copy for PS4/Xbox One. If you purchase the game on current hardware, it will be playable on the next gen consoles but without all the graphical improvements and you’ll need to insert the disc. However, you can pay a small fee to upgrade your PS4 version to the PS5 version of the game, which is pretty neat. That works for the digital version of the game too, while if you own the physical version you’ll still need to pay the fee while leaving the disc in the console.

As for Xbox players…well, you guys have been shafted. For some reason, you’ll be able to play the Xbox One version through the disc on the Series X but Activision isn’t allowing Xbox users to upgrade to the next version because…we have no idea. It seems arbitrary and more than a little strange so hopefully some light is shed in the future.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is launching this year on 13 November. Expect the multiplayer reveal in a few weeks on 9 September.

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