Tabs for your tabs are coming to Google Chrome


Soon the days of dozens of stray, disjointed tabs littering your Chrome will be a thing of the past as Google has announced that the new beta version of their widely used browser will soon support the ability to both group and customise tabs.

If you’re anything like us, and if you’re reading this you’re probably a little bit like us, you’ll know doubt have struggled with your collection of open tabs at some point. We’re not talking about the soft drink either, we’re talking about the rampant collection of tabs you have open at any given point on your browser. It’s a problem, we know. We always lose what we’re looking for as we sift through tens of different tabs. Some have relevant information, some have a collection of email sites and others still are populated only with fire memes. It can be a real jumble but an in-bound update for Chrome is looking at removing that problem for good. Or at least making it a little easier to manage.

In the current beta version of Chrome, tab management has been implemented to maybe not rid you of your bad habit but rather make it much tidier. By simply right clicking on a tab, you can group it with other tabs that are focused on similar topics. Moreover, you can colour code these tab groups and give them custom names. You can even use emojis in place of words if you’re so inclined.

Google has confirmed that they’re slowly rolling out the new feature in new versions of Google Chrome which should be reaching us sometime in the remainder of this week. If you’re absolutely desperate to try out this new feature, there’s a preview build you can access in the latest build of the Google Chrome Beta. Sure, it might be far less satisfying to close a handful of tabs rather than a dozen after completing a project, but browser neatness is its own reward.

(Source: TechCrunch)



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