The iStore is offering data contract deals and the prices are surprisingly decent


The contracts cover data plans fro Vodacom, Telkom and MTN and compared to purchasing contracts from any of those individual service providers it seems like it might be cheaper to go the iStore route. Which is a sentence we never thought we’d write but everything’s upside down and nothing makes sense any more.

Recently, some of the pricier service providers have been smacked with some serious hits to their exorbitant data prices. While Vodacom and MTN have been forced to lower their prices on their selection of data bundles, they’re still not the cheapest option by any stretch of the imagination, only coming down to a price that’s equal to everyone else. So while while users who’ve grown disgruntled with those prices look for alternative avenues to acquire their date, the iStore might, strangely, be the place they turn to.

Announced via press release, the iStore is now offering customers data contract plans that are, surprisingly, pretty good value for you cash. You can apply for a contract online, have your sim delivered directly to your door and even have fault products collected and repaired straight from you home. But enough with all of that stuff, what are the deals? Well, we’ve got them all here:

Vodacom: R149 PM on 10GB data price plan OR R199 PM on 20GB data price plan

TELKOM: R59 PM on 5GB Anytime (+5GB Night Surfer) data price plan OR R299 on 40GB Anytime (+ 40GB Night Surfer) data price plan

MTN: R199 PM on 5GB Anytime (+5GB Night Surfer) data price plan OR R299 on 10GB Anytime (+ 40GB Night Surfer) data price plan

It’s clear to us that from just that list that MTN is by far and away the worst option but on Vodacom’s end, R149 for 10GB a month is pretty solid. From what we’ve seen these prices are specials on all the respective stores so if the iStore is offering these up as the flat rate that’s pretty impressive.


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