South African Cosplayer JinxKittie crowned as Global Championship of Cosplay


Competing against the likes of the United States, Australia, China, Austria, the UK and France, JinxKittie won the day with an incredible cosplay of Priestess Bathory that reportedly took her 600 hours to design and build.

Walking around any convention populated predominately by nerds you’ve no-doubt caught glimpses of those people that have committed their lives to the art of cosplay. Designing and building outfits that resemble popular fictional or original characters has seen a massive boom in South Africa recently and clearly that’s a good thing because we’ve got some amazing cosplayers to share with the world. One such cosplayer is Kelsey “JinxKittie” Atkins who was just awarded with the title of Global Cosplay Champion!

Held this past weekend in Chicago, the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay saw several countries going head to head with their best cosplayers showing off their best works. Considering the amount of effort put into her design and build, her costume of Priestess Bathory took roughly 600 hours to complete which includes hours upon hours of hand-stitching, embroidery, 3D printing, it’s no wonder Atkins took home the title and grand prize of $5,000.

Atkins’ win marks the second time South Africa has placed in the top three places of the C2E2 Crown Championships of Cosplay. Last year, South Africa’s Kinpatsu cosplayer Tayla Barter placed second in the very same competition. The standard for cosplay in South Africa is clearly at an exceptionally high level and we can only hope we maintain such a phenomenal level of quality in the future.


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