Vivo’s Apex 2020 has an incredible camera and even better screen…in theory.


While the concept phone would have been shown off at Mobile World Congress, due to the cancellation of the event Vivo has had to resort to showing off their latest brain child through press release. That being said, after reading up on the Apex 2020, we’re sure it would have been a killer device.

Every now and then, big tech companies like to whisk consumers away on a magical trip to Imagination Land! Where all the best gadgets are built and designed and then never actually available for purchase! Such is the case with Vivo’s latest concept phone, the Apex 2020. While it would have been on display, and possibly even usable at MWC, the cancellation of the show has forced Vivo to just send out emails about it. Which is a real pity because the Apex 2020 looks like it would have been a monster of a phone to play with.

The first thing that really strikes you about the Apex 2020 is the 6.45″ “full view edgeless” display with 120-degree curved edges. Just like Vivo’s last phone, the Nex 3, the Apex 2020 has no ports or openings, instead relying on virtual buttons. It would also come with a 16MP selfie camera built into the phone’s display so as to avoid any notches on the display.

Speaking of cameras, Vivo has seemingly gone all out on innovating with the back cameras of the Apex 2020. The first big addition is called “continuous optical zoom” which, honestly, just sounds like a more advanced method of digital zoom with a few fancier software tweaks to enhance the final image.

Yet the most impressive feature is the telephoto lens, which features actual moving components to switch between 5x and 7.5x zoom. The 16MP module features a periscope design and comes in at 6.7mm thick, meaning it can snugly fit into a phone that’s 8.8mm deep. The camera also features a “gimbal-like structure” which would do wonders for image stabilisation.

As far as the boring specs are concerned, the Apex 2020 comes with the standard array of hardware you’d expect to see in most modern mobile phones. Powered by a Snapdragon 865 processor, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage, it’s all pretty standard. The display is 1080p and the operating system is Android 10.

Honestly, we have no idea whether the Apex 2020 will actually come to fruition but it’s nice to dream, right?



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