Motorola’s new Razr is ironically folding under the pressure


Despite the hype surrounding the return of folding phone and Motorola capitalising on their previously successful Razr phones, the reboot of the design has been causing far more problems than one would hope for.

The age of folding phones was a magical times for technology. Everything was so sassy back then when you were able to end calls with an audible “clap” as your phone smashed itself together, indicating to everyone around that you were just done. It’s just not the same with touch screens. Sure, they’re more efficient and less bulky but the attitude is gone and maybe for good given that Motorola’s attempt at going back to the good ol’ days is unfortunately not not going so smoothly.

Reports are coming in from users all over the world that the new Razr is just not a well made piece of hardware. Even though questions were raised about the legitimacy of the tests conducted on the phone’s hinge, it appears that out in the wild it’s just not up to scratch. Yet the worst piece of news so far comes from Input where it was discovered that the top plastic laminate of the phone was starting to peel off.

“The Motorola Razr nightmare continues. A week after we purchased and reviewed the foldable phone, the plastic OLED display on our $1,500 device is now peeling apart… at the fold. We always try our best to not be alarmist, but when a giant horizontal air bubble appears literally out of nowhere and starts separating the top lamination and the display panel, we have to wonder why anyone would be optimistic about foldable phones”, writes Raymond Wong.

No reasoning was given as to why as Wong is confident that he had not been placing strain on the Razr and speculates that the breakage started occurring while the phone was closed and in his pocket. One could hazard a guess that the reason for the peeling was due to changes in the temperature, especially excessive cold, but that’s pure guess work.


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