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Did any of you wake up on 1 January with crystal clear 2020 vision? Neither did we. Even though that’s a bummer, the Jan/Feb 2020 issue of Stuff Magazine isn’t. We start off the year with the next-level visionary 2020 tech in our Future Tech Feature, with a curated list (read: we just about agreed in the office without violence) of our favourite gadgets. The main reason you’d want to pick up the pretty in purple Jan issue? Our annual Stuff App Awards and winners are published. Yes, we’ve finally decided which apps deserve the Stuff acknowledgement, and we had some great ones in the running last year. Pick up a copy at your closest convenience store or subscribe here for a year’s worth of Stuff Magazines in your postbox. 

Happy Nerd Year! Okay, this is just our way of saying, look at all this tech we want you to own in 2020. New year’s resolution? Maybe. Our wish if genies in bottles were real? Definitely. Check out our Future Tech feature and find out exactly what we would have found under the Christmas tree is our families were rich. We’ve got everything from the Sega Mega Drive Mini (for the gaming nerds), to the Sony NW-A100TPS walkman (for the music nerds) and even a UA Rush Compression shirt (for the fitness nerds). If you’re a Stuff-kinda nerd, this list will have something for you. 

Appy New Year. We may be dragging this pun out too far, but who cares. It’s January, which means that the Stuff App Awards winners have been published! Which apps tickled our fingertips as the best of the best in SA? Have an app? Go and see if you’ve won. Yes, it isn’t the swanky awards evening like the Golden Globes, but you can legit frame the page and Prestik it up in your cubicle. 

Happy School Year. We’re done now. Promise. With a new year comes more responsibilities. Like getting ready for school. We’ve gathered all the best tech to acquire for the young ’uns in our Back to School feature. More specifically, we’ve made sure to include education-capable tablets, fall-proof smartphones and the best education apps around. For the highly technical student, we’ve listed all our favourite gizmos that’ll make the school year as stress-free as possible. You’ll find things like SD cards, Bluetooth locks, and fitness trackers are valuable gizmos for anyone trying to get through a school year.

Even though none of us acquired 2020 vision this year, we’ll make sure you can find the best tech available through rigorous testing and reviews. This month we look at the brilliantly nostalgia-driven Motorola Razr foldable phone, test out the petite, portable DJI Mavic Mini drone, wave our lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and test out the GoPro Hero 8 Black in a long-term test. Also, subscribe to our magazine right here. Because ‘new year, new tech’… Or something. 


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