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These are the games you can play for free on Xbox Live Gold next month

What does an Xbox Live Gold membership grant you? Free games. Loads and loads of free games. Each and every month you’ll find a handful of gratis games to download on Xbox One, as well as a couple for Xbox 360, and they’re yours to keep so long as you keep paying for the subscription. However, there is one catch to the Games with Gold promotion: they’re only available to download...[Read More]

Ubisoft’s newest Watch_Dog (and our hamper winner) is…

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs has been on the market for a couple of weeks now and it’s about time that we gave away some awesome stuff related to the game – including the game itself on PlayStation 3. If you’ve been keeping tabs on the site you’ll see that we’ve got a Ubisoft-created hamper to give away and today is the day that we announce our winner. Before we get to ...[Read More]

Want a collection of Watch_Dogs kit? Now’s your chance

So by now you will have seen the game, as well as (hopefully) our review, now it’s your turn to get in on a Watch_Dogs giveaway. Local distributors Megarom have given Stuff Magazine a copy of Watch_Dogs (on PlayStation 3) to give away to one lucky winner but if it was just the game, we wouldn’t be as thrilled as we are about this. In addition to the game, we have a Watch_Dogs face mask...[Read More]

Watch_Dogs – Hack and be hacked

It has finally arrived, after months of hype, a delay from the initial launch period and an almost agonising wait for gamer. Watch_Dogs has landed and it’s both more and less than we were hoping it would be. The odd part of this is that the bit we were counting on being spectacular (the story) was a little bit bland but the game world and online and side-quests, oh my… For those who ha...[Read More]

This is the mobile app that launches alongside Watch_Dogs today

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs is hitting stores and consoles around the world today and we’ve been looking forward to it for ages. Also launching today is an Android and iOS companion app called ctOS Mobile. The free app is named after the city-wide operating system found in Ubi’s techno-thriller and gives players a chance to mess with console gamers from wherever they happen to be. Ubiso...[Read More]

Here’s everything you’re getting into with Watch_Dogs at month-end

The release of Watch_Dogs is about two weeks away and Ubisoft have released yet ANOTHER video detailing their upcoming open-world action title.Previous updates have tended to focus only on a single aspect of the game but this latest trailer covers absolutely everything that players will be experiencing when they set out to hack the planet (well, the bit that has Chicago in it) from 27 May. And, ac...[Read More]

Meet some of the colourful characters in Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs is fast approaching a release date so of course the preview and teaser content is starting to fly through thick and fast. We’ve already seen some of what the main story will entail and also been given a guided tour of how Watch_Dogs‘ multiplayer will work, now it’s time for us to be introduced to some of the supporting characters. Ubisoft have included ...[Read More]

A closer look at how Watch_Dogs’ integrated multiplayer will work

One of the games that has the potential to consume a whole lot of Stuff Magazine‘s time when it launches is Watch_Dogs, the upcoming techno-thriller from Ubisoft which finally lands at the end of May. Ubisoft is playing the hype game a little bit by releasing a gameplay trailer that details the multiplayer modes that players can expect when Watch_Dogs makes its appearance at last. Multiplaye...[Read More]

Watch_Dogs dated for late May, action-packed story trailer released

Game developer and publisher Ubisoft delayed several titles from the launch of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, opting to spend some extra time working on them. One of these was Watch_Dogs, an open world action adventure title that sees players roaming the streets as protagonist Aiden Pierce, a hacker who is out for revenge. Highly anticipated when the game was first announced, Ubisoft ha...[Read More]

This week in gaming – 19 October 2013

It’s actually been a fairly quiet week for Stuff on the gaming front. There have been some alterations with regards to release dates for French developer/publisher Ubisoft and then just a couple of (very high scoring) reviews of games from Rockstar and Blizzard. Does that mean you didn’t miss much? Not necessarily but in case it passed you by earlier this week, here are the highlights ...[Read More]

Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs, The Crew delayed until 2014

Several gamers who were particularly keen on a certain game are going to have a disappointing Festive season. Ubisoft have just announced that Watch_Dogs, one of the most anticipated games for this year, has been delayed until 2014. Another title from the publisher, The Crew, has also been delayed. The open-world techno-thriller was due to launch in November this year but the game has been pushed ...[Read More]

Ubisoft unleashing several more video game properties on the big screen

French video game publisher Ubisoft has had designs on the motion picture world for some time, with films based on the Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon gaming franchises already announced or in development. The gaming company has announced three additional films based on Ubisoft properties, one of which is based on a game that has not yet been released. Unreleased stealth thri...[Read More]

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