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Peeved with Telkom’s Uncapped LTE? There’s a new fair-use policy and an escape clause

Ah, the old bait and switch. Telkom rolled out “uncapped” LTE to boost usage on its mobile infrastructure, but tacked on a pretty draconian fair-use policy (FUP) that had some consumers feeling like they’d been had. Now Telkom’s done a very welcome about turn and decided to revise it’s FUP to something a little more, well, fair. Moreover, if you think the LTE uncapped...[Read More]

Telkom, unusually in the underdog position, has turned mobile packages on its head with data-first deals

Brace yourself. The most exciting thing being done in the South African cellular industry right now is by …. Telkom. Last week the fixed line behemoth – which mobile network operators in years past managed to usurp for voice calls and wireless broadband by offering more flexibility – turned the tables on these now dominant networks with its own aggressively cheaper deals. Telkom Mobile launc...[Read More]

Pre-order a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge in South Africa, get the latest Gear VR headset for free

Yesterday Samsung presented its newest smartphones to the world and announced that those who pre-order either the S7 or S7 Edge will the latest Gear VR headset (the recent one with “Powered by Oculus” printed on the side) for free. We wondered aloud whether or not the offer would apply to South Africa and — drumroll please — are downright delighted to report that it will. F...[Read More]

If Vodacom and MTN win OTT battle South Africa loses

South Africa’s two largest mobile operators, Vodacom and MTN, will this week attend hearings led by parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Telecommunications on whether or not so called “over-the-top” players like WhatsApp and Skype should be regulated. Which seems to be code for asking that the Committee allow said operators to charge for third-party services that offer messa...[Read More]

Telkom, now with voice bundles

Days after announcing it’s consolidating and cutting the prices on its prepaid data bundles Telkom has introduced a range of mobile voice bundles that it says it aimed at limiting out-of-bundle expenses for its customers. Once customers are out of voice minutes they can purchase the new bundles, each of which offers in-bundle rates. “These enhancements are a result of our renewed focus to dr...[Read More]

Telkom gets aggressive with mobile prepaid data

Telkom’s mobile arm has announced aggressive updates to its prepaid data packages in a move that could prompt rival operators to respond in kind. In addition to price cuts, the operator has consolidated it’s prepaid data offers, which were previously split into bundles that only worked when connected to Telkom’s own infrastructure and others that allowed for roaming on MTN’...[Read More]

Cut to the quick

When announcements are made late on a Friday, it is usually because the company in question wants to mitigate the damage done to its share price. But the shock announcement last week was different, and unexpected, in many ways. First, it came from the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) and, second, is very good news for consumers, while ostensibly chastising the big cellphone opera...[Read More]

Telkom Mobile kicks off promotional Completely Unlimited contract

South African mobile operator Telkom Mobile has introduced a new promotional contract off which they are billing as the country’s “only Completely Unlimited package”. Called, oddly enough, Completely Unlimited, those on Telkom Mobile’s contract will be able to make unlimited calls to all networks including fixed line numbers (international, premium and VIOP excluded), send ...[Read More]

Goodbye 8ta, heita Telkom Mobile

What’s in a name? Everything as Telkom has discovered after wasting tens of millions of Rands in launching the 8ta network which has merely created an additional, illogical brand which Telkom itself – albeit despised by the majority of its own trapped landline users – has been forced to admit with this week’s rebranding to Telkom Mobile. Launched with great fanfare three years ago, 8ta...[Read More]

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