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So much for the Xbox One – Nvidia’s new GTX 750 Ti will make Titanfall very happy

The PC vs. console debate has been raging for about as long as gamers have had access to both (Stuff isn’t taking any sides, they’re both awesome) but Nvidia’s newest GPUs will be throwing some extra fuel onto the fire. A newly-released crop of graphics cards have been tested and Nvidia’s mid-range GTX 750 Ti has outdone Microsoft’s new console’s performance wit...[Read More]

Apple reportedly showing interest in electric cars, medical kit

Apple is almost always in the news for one reason or another but this time around Cupertino isn’t making headlines for smartphone, tablet or even smartwatch-related reasons. Instead the company is reported to be looking at some unusual locations to branch out, those being the medical and motoring industries. Apple, according to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle, is reported to be worki...[Read More]

South Park: The Stick of Truth – First look (and fart jokes)

South Park: The Stick of Truth is the South Park game that everyone who has ever seen Kenny violently killed has been waiting for. Stuff Magazine was privileged enough to be invited to a pre-release event of the game earlier this week but, thanks to an embargo, our lips have been sealed regarding what we saw there. Happily, that time has now passed and we can now reveal our first look at the Ubiso...[Read More]

The Lost Giveaway has gotten a little larger

The pressures of a print deadline are frightening. They can cause the most important things to slip out of one’s head, as is the case with this month’s giveaway. But all is far from lost, Stuff has got one Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to give away in the short month of February 2014 and, as is usual, there’s a very easy way to enter. All you need to do to get your hands on this 5.7-inch...[Read More]

Man to take on machine on the greatest of battlefields – the ping pong table

Modern robots are capable of really cool things. Most recently we showed you a modified 3D printer play air hockey really, really well. That was all fun and games but now it is time for man to step up and show machine that it is not yet time for the robot rebellion. In a month’s time, our fate as a race will be decided when table tennis champion Timo Boll will face the KUKA Robot Group’...[Read More]

LG officially details their 5.9-inch G Pro 2

LG has seen a few details leak regarding their upcoming G Pro 2 smartphone and they’ve dropped a few details of their own but they’ve decided to head off any further information (and possibly get a head-start on the competition at MWC this year) by releasing the whole lot of specs for the G Pro 2 now. A release on LG’s Newroom website has detailed the device, which doesn’t ...[Read More]

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition – There’s something in the air…

Stuff Magazine does not live on some isolated technology Utopia, surrounded by nothing by the latest and greatest in tech and the best takeaway delivery service ever created (more’s the pity). Stuff shares a communal area with a few other companies and it’s times like these that people are convinced that all we do all day is mess around with toys. Well, we do but that’s no all we...[Read More]

Evolve asks who is fitter – Four humans or one monster

Evolve is a multiplayer game that is due for launch later this year. It’s being made by the guys and girls who gave the world Left 4 Dead, Turtle Rock Studios, so we’re pretty sure that Evolve is going to be good. The only real question is: how good? A new trailer for the upcoming multiplayer PC, PS4 and Xbox One title gives us a bit of a glance at what players can expect and, as expec...[Read More]

Virgin Atlantic trialling Google Glass, Sony’s Smartwatch for check-ins at Heathrow

The future might just be going all Total Recall on us, with people at airports using augmented reality headsets and wrist-mounted computers to greet and process passengers. At least that’s the plan according to Virgin Atlantic who are starting up a six week trial run of Google’s Glass and Sony’s Smartwatch as assistants for staff interacting with passengers. According to SITA, wh...[Read More]

A4AI to “empower affordable internet access across Africa”, starting with Ghana

A group called the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), which is able to list Google, Cisco, Facebook and Microsoft among its members, will be meeting today with several involved and concerned parties in Accra, Ghana to discuss ways that more affordable broadband internet access can be brought to that country. This is just the first step in an initiative that will eventually spread to other de...[Read More]

Bored? Why not play some air hockey with a 3D printer?

If you’re looking for something to do and, like the folks on the Stuff team, you have a little too much technology lying around then there are options available to you. Unconventional options. Take Jose Julio, who has converted a RepRap 3D printer into something that it really shouldn’t be capable of being – an air-hockey robot. Julio, according to his blog, was able to turn the ...[Read More]

Curved/UHD TVs, Galaxy Note/Tab Pro and NX30 introduced at Samsung Forum 2014

Samsung has, at their Samsung Forum 2014 event in Malaga, Spain, introduced a few new pieces of tech to the African continent. First up is their U9000 curved UHD television, something that we in’re very glad to see closer to home. Everyone else has already gotten some bendy loving and Samsung’s 78-inch curved panel should make a few homeowners extremely happy. The South Korean company ...[Read More]

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