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Are autonomous cars really safer than human drivers?

Much of the push toward self-driving cars has been underwritten by the hope that they will save lives by getting involved in fewer crashes with fewer injuries and deaths than human-driven cars. But so far, most comparisons between human drivers and automated vehicles have been at best uneven, and at worst, unfair. The statistics measuring […]

Killer robots, free will and the illusion of control

Control. We all like to think we have it, but is it all just an illusion? It might seem like a very existential question but it plays an important part in our acceptance of new technologies, especially when it comes to robots. Even if we personally aren’t in control of […]

Kaspersky wants to ensure connected cars can’t be compromised

A growing number of modern cars come with some sort of connectivity, from GPS to SIM cards for concierge services and communications. Features like remote diagnostics, telematics and infotainment rely on communications between vehicles and manufacturer’s cloud services. And self-driving cars will connect not just to brand-specific infrastructure, but in […]

Promoted: Imagining South African Roads With Self-Driving Cars

Can you imagine a South Africa where the cars drive themselves? Well you should, because 2025 is the year that’s being earmarked by manufacturers like Nissan and Volvo for the launch of their self-driving cars. Google has already installed self-driving vehicles to cart their employees around their California campus, and […]

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