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Lighter, thinner, silenter – the new Apple MacBook looks lovely

The 12in Retina MacBook is real, it’s called simple “MacBook”, and it’s a good deal more exciting than we were expecting. Yes, it’s beautiful, especially in the gold finish shown on-stage during the launch (it’s also available in Space Grey and Silver, of course), and that’s largely due to all-metal chassis and quite breathtaking slimness. This is just 13....[Read More]

Retina Display MacBook Air production ramps up for early 2015 release

The latest whispers from the iRumour mill suggest that production of the long-rumoured Retina Display MacBook Air has increased ahead of its launch in the first quarter of 2015. The news, courtesy of Digitimes, states that Apple’s supplier Quanta Computer is looking to bring in an additional 30,000 workers to also help with production of the Apple Watch. Sources close to Quanta believe that ...[Read More]

Retina-equipped iMac rumoured to launch soon with OS X Yosemite

Just before the weekend, a report surfaced that Apple is finally preparing to update its long-quiet Mac Mini line. And now, it seems that a Retina display-equipped iMac may be right alongside it. Both were presaged this summer, with an Apple support listing hinting at both new iMac and Mac Mini models. Apple did release a new low-end iMac in June, but it’s been a year since a proper line-wide refr...[Read More]

Rumour: Apple to launch 4K iMac and Retina display MacBook Air in October

October could be a big month for Mac users, if a report by 9to5Mac turns out to be correct: the site claims the month will see the full release not only of OS X Yosemite, but also of a 4K iMac desktop and 12in Retina display MacBook Air. Phew. The report claims that Yosemite will be available for download free-of-charge towards the end of October, and that the launch of new high resolution Mac com...[Read More]

A closer look at Apple’s Retina-sporting iPad mini

Apple’s event last night saw several announcement, from the free availability of OS X Mavericks for those who have OS X 10.6 or better to the iPad Air to the refreshing of the MacBook Pro product line. Another announcement was the updated iPad mini, which will finally be getting its tiny self a Retina display to call its own. Retina for the iPad mini is something that users have been calling...[Read More]

Apple’s Retina MacBook Pro lineup gets an engine upgrade

Both Apple’s 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models which feature Retina displays will feature Intel’s Haswell processors, it was announced at Apple’s event last night. There are other upgrades heading to the machines, which have become available immediately in the US, but these updates will probably take a little time to filter through to this side of the planet. Apple’s 1...[Read More]

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