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IBM launches commercial quantum computing – we’re not ready for what comes next

IBM recently unveiled what it claimed was the world’s first commercial quantum computer. While the announcement of the Q System One wasn’t scientifically groundbreaking, the fact that IBM sees this as a commercial product that organisations (if not individuals) will want to use is an important breakthrough. IBM has taken a prototype technology that has existed in the lab for over 20 years and laun...[Read More]

Quantum computer: we’re planning to create one that acts like a brain

The human brain has amazing capabilities making it in many ways more powerful than the world’s most advanced computers. So it’s not surprising that engineers have long been trying to copy it. Today, artificial neural networks inspired by the structure of the brain are used to tackle some of the most difficult problems in artificial intelligence (AI). But this approach typically involves building s...[Read More]

Ultra-Light Start – Google’s quantum PC, super-expensive iPhone cans, and Rolls Royce cocktails

Google and NASA have got themselves an extremely speedy quantum computer We don’t care how much money you have, you’re not going to be giving up your Macbook or Windows machine in favour of a quantum computer any time soon. Google and NASA, on the other hand, have a lot of money. Enough to have bought a 2X quantum PC from company D-Wave, who have been working on the technology for year...[Read More]

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