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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 preview: Everything we know so far

Although it hasn’t officially been announced yet, we're fully expecting to see a Galaxy Note 10 later this year. Here's what we know about it this far.

Galaxy Note 9 rumour roundup – ‘Accidental’ leaks, Amazon mishap & Fortnite exclusivity

In just under a week’s time Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 9, the next in the almost-infamous phablet line that may or may not explode (it probably won’t). But before Samsung goes all official on us, we’ve got all the dirty inside info for you. Around this time before any launch, we tend to see a range of ‘leaks’ — something that is likely planned by the smartphone makers well i...[Read More]

Huawei Mate 9 – The bigger the better?

For a while, phones with ultra-giant screens were about as fashionable as stonewashed flares. Now, though, Huawei seems to think they’re the next skinny jeans. Or leatherette leggings. Or whatever they say is fashionable these days. The Mate 9 is a flat-out huge phone, with a 5.9in screen. Don’t start unpicking the seams in your pockets just yet, though. Thanks to a smart design it’s only 1mm wide...[Read More]

Xiaomi Mi Max – Not all good things come in small packages

TV junkies and mobile gamers can appreciate the appeal of a massive phone. A big screen is ideal for catching up on shows when there’s not a bigger screen around – either because you can’t be bothered to haul yourself up off the couch to find the remote, or you’re outside and on the move. That’s where the Mi Max comes in. Hot on the heels of Asus’ cinematically-...[Read More]

Xiaomi’s phablet has very little edge

WANT. Now, just calm down. We know it’s been a difficult time for you, and this might look for all the world like a phoenix rising from the ashes of your Note 7. But you musn’t throw open your desire valves so readily, until we’ve looked at some facts. Fact: I’m buying this. OK, well, you’re not. Because Xiaomi is a Chinese brand and its phones don’t often leave home. Also, because the Mi MIX was ...[Read More]

Meet Xiaomi’s 6.44-inch Mi Max

Xiaomi has long been able, somehow, to create excellent smartphones at a fraction of the price of their better-known counterparts. But they might have overreached a tad with their newest announcement, the Xiaomi Mi Max. Or perhaps not. The concern isn’t a reflection of the handset that the Chinese company has revealed, though. Rather it’s the choice of screen size. The Mi Max justifies...[Read More]

Samsung could be building the Galaxy Note 6 to take a dunking

Destroyed yet another phone by dropping it down the toilet? If pockets with zips aren’t an option, you might want to wait for the Galaxy Note 6. Samsung’s upcoming phablet could be arriving with IP68 water resistance, which would put it on par with the Galaxy S7. According to SamMobile, the phone will be able to survive half an hour underwater down to 1.5m, and will withstand a sandbla...[Read More]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 — An Apple a day?

Xiaomi has done it again? Or has it? We’re not about to keep you in suspense. Yeah, it actually has. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is a cut-price phablet with specifications and performance far in excess of what you’re actually paying for the device. For a certain kind of user (those with a South African salary, for instance), that’s the ‘SOLD’ dog-whistle right there. Perf...[Read More]

Samsung combining phablets and notebooks with new patent application

Samsung’s toned down their smartphone release schedule but that doesn’t mean that they’ve abandoned their tendency to create weird and wonderful devices. If a new patent application is any indication, they’re considering ways to turn a phablet into a full-fledged notebook computer. The application, revealed by the US Patent and Trademark Office’s website, was discover...[Read More]

Cortana is heading to Android, iOS via upcoming Phone Companion app

Microsoft’s going all-in with the Windows 10 operating system, going so far as to be releasing a Phone Companion app that will allow both Android and iOS smartphone users to more closely integrate their mobiles with the new OS. The Phone Companion app has a couple of features but one notable item is Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant. Microsoft says that “The ‘Phone Companion...[Read More]

Huawei P8 Max is a pocket-busting 6.8-inch screen phone

The Huawei P8 Max is the big daddy version of the 5.2-inch Huawei P8, for people who just have to have that larger screen. And when we say ‘larger screen’ we really mean it. It’s a 6.8-inch whopper of an IPS display, although given that it has to make do with a 1080p resolution, its 323 pixels-per-inch might not satisfy the most discerning of screen freaks among you. Huawei claim...[Read More]

HTC One M8 Max phablet to feature a 2K screen?

We’ve heard that HTC is working on a larger, more powerful edition of the One M8 called either the One M8 Prime or One M8 Max, and now we may have some specs to go with our speculation. Chinese site My Drivers has posted what it claims to be a leaked spec sheet for the rumoured phablet – which it says may actually end up being called the HTC M8 Life – and if it’s accurate we’re looking at a very p...[Read More]

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