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FutureProtect wants to protect you from identity theft

Identity theft isn’t something most people worry about… until it happens to them. We all should be thinking about it a little more, lest we get saddled with debts that don’t belong to us, or find ourselves married to a stranger. ThisIsMe is an identity verification service based in South Africa that keeps your data in a digital ‘vault’ and helps you prove to other parties that you are ...[Read More]

On Twitter? Change your password right now

This is not a drill. Twitter has revealed it’s discovered a bug that stored passwords in plain text in its internal system. Oops. In other words, change your password for the service now. Also, now Twitter may know your childhood pet’s name, your birthday, or whatever else you’ve been using for a password. Of course, it means if it’s unwittingly been compromised, someone else mig...[Read More]

With the Galaxy S9 Samsung’s gotten seamless security right

Phone security is a necessary nuisance, like going to the dentist or doing tax returns. Biometric security solutions like fingerprint sensors, facial mapping and iris scanning can take the slog out of keeping our mobile devices locked down, but they’re only useful is they’re speedy and work every time. With the Galaxy S9/S9+, Samsung’s managed to work out the kinks in its biometr...[Read More]

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