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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review: Mostly new dog, mostly old tricks

Back in 2011 the first Galaxy Note with its 5.3in display and S Pen stylus seemed ridiculous. Now it’s one of Samsung’s poster children, and its fans are deeply loyal. So, is the Note 9 worth the R19,000 asking price (add another R5,000 if you want the 512GB version)? That depends if you already own a Note 8, and how you feel about the S Pen. Design of the times The Note 9 looks undeni...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs Huawei P20 Pro: Which is best?

It’s that time of the year again, the time when we get to compare the latest flagship from the big names… before the iPhone arrives and the catch-up and leapfrog cycle starts all over again. Currently in the ring? Samsung’s jumbo Note 9 and Huawei’s triple-threat P20 Pro. Samsung’s S Pen-packing super phone features a larger screen, improved cameras, and other upgrade...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs the S9+ – the weigh-in

When the Galaxy Note 9 ships, Samsung will have two very large 2018 flagships on offer, since the Galaxy S9+ released earlier this year. And they’re very similar in many ways, especially design — but Samsung has pulled out a few tricks with their most recent Note edition. Both sport great screens, sleek glass-and-aluminum bodies, plenty of power and perks, but they also vary in some wa...[Read More]

Samsung enters the home assistant space with the Galaxy Home

Samsung announced its first smart speaker, the Galaxy Home, at the company’s Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event. Powered by the company’s virtual voice assistant, Bixby, the Home also promises to work well as a multi-room audio solution, particularly given Samsung’s other audio-related announcement last night: it’s snuggled up to Spotify as it’s official streaming audio par...[Read More]

Galaxy Note 9 rumour roundup – ‘Accidental’ leaks, Amazon mishap & Fortnite exclusivity

In just under a week’s time Samsung will announce the Galaxy Note 9, the next in the almost-infamous phablet line that may or may not explode (it probably won’t). But before Samsung goes all official on us, we’ve got all the dirty inside info for you. Around this time before any launch, we tend to see a range of ‘leaks’ — something that is likely planned by the smartphone makers well i...[Read More]

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