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Neuroscience and artificial intelligence can help improve each other

Despite their names, artificial intelligence technologies and their component systems, such as artificial neural networks, don’t have much to do with real brain science. I’m a professor of bioengineering and neurosciences interested in understanding how the brain works as a system – and how we can use that knowledge to design and engineer new machine learning models.

Can robots ever have a true sense of self? Scientists are making progress

Given that we want to incorporate robots into our social world, it’s no wonder that creating a sense of self in artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the ultimate goals for researchers in the field. If these machines are to be our carers or companions, they must inevitably have an ability to put themselves in our shoes. While scientists are still a long way from creating robots with a human-like ...[Read More]

Why Google wants to think more like you and less like a machine

What does this mean: wht has Don Trm don nw? You’ve probably decided the intended question is: “What has Donald Trump done now?” But how did you reach that conclusion? The word fragments could be part of many different words. You even expanded two almost identical fragments – “Don” and “don” – to different words – “Donald” and “done”. When you enter those partial words into a Google search, none o...[Read More]

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