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Too many tabs – why some people can multitask online and others can’t

The internet may be the most comprehensive source of information ever created but it’s also the biggest distraction. Set out to find an answer on the web and it’s all too easy to find yourself flitting between multiple tabs, wondering how you ended up on a page so seemingly irrelevant to the topic you started on. Past research has shown that we have a very limited capacity to perform two or more t...[Read More]

iPad is getting split-screen multitasking with iOS 8, reports say

After last year’s aesthetic overhaul in iOS 7, the forthcoming iOS 8 will need some kind of killer hook to stand out. For iPad users, it may be the long-awaited arrival of split-screen multitasking. The enhancement would allow iPad users to run multiple apps on the screen at the same time and use all of that precious display real estate to perform multiple tasks at once. That’s according to a repo...[Read More]

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