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Sphero launches Bolt, a programmable robot for children

The most influential time for a human to start learning how to program is arguably in the developmental years — try teaching a four-year-old a new language. Now try teaching your grandmother how to use an iPhone. Who won? Now try it again, this time using Sphero’s programmable Bolt robo-ball. We all know Sphero as the folks who allowed some of the most-loved Star Wars droids to come to...[Read More]

Drop everything and download: Grasshopper

We all know where to go when you’re looking for any info. In a heated debate? Google. Looking to expand your knowledge? Google. Doing some informal studying? Google. Now Google has released a free app to teach you how to code. Now focus, Grasshopper! The coding app, Grasshopper, was created by Google’s incubator for employee side projects, called Area 120. Now the workshop has released the G...[Read More]

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