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TomTom smartening up its GPS range with the TomTom Go Premium

Who needs a GPS in this day and age? Not many folks, really. Just about everyone has a smartphone and smartphones have Google Maps. And other options. A standalone GPS doesn't make a whole lot of sense, except in very specific cases. TomTom disagrees, though, and to that end it's come up with something a little different: The TomTom Go Premium. 

Change your phone settings so Apple, Google can’t track your movements

Technology companies have been pummeled by revelations about how poorly they protect their customers’ personal information, including an in-depth New York Times report detailing the ability of smartphone apps to track users’ locations. Some companies, most notably Apple, have begun promoting the fact that they sell products and services that safeguard consumer privacy. Smartphone users are never a...[Read More]

Yes, GPS apps make you worse at navigating – but that’s OK

Many of us have had the experience of arriving in an unfamiliar city and needing to get to a specific destination – whether it’s checking in at a hotel, meeting a friend at a local brewery, or navigating to a meeting on time. With a few clicks of the smartphone, the destination is inputted into a navigational app, with customized route preferences to avoid traffic, tolls and, in cities like San Fr...[Read More]

Instagram testing a function that shares location data with Facebook, even when the app’s closed

Here’s something to make you rest a little better this weekend (and for the rest of the year, probably). Instagram is testing a new function that would share your location with Facebook — even when you’re not using the app. Researcher Jane Manchun Wong spotted that Instagram is “prototyping” the ability to share a user’s location, via a setting called Location H...[Read More]

Call-a-superhero feature to be added to Taxify

South Africans are becoming more aware of their surroundings, and staying safe is of utmost importance — especially in high-risk cities (like Stuff‘s own front lawn that is Johannesburg). Taxify, with the help of emergency assistance app Namola, is rolling out a new safety feature for Taxify drivers and users. The app will now launch an emergency button that, if pressed, connects at-ri...[Read More]

The Land Rover Explore is a phone as rugged as its namesake’s cars

Bullitt Group, the same company behind CAT’s rugged smartphones, has unveiled a new device designed in collaboration with Land Rover. Dubbed the Land Rover Explore Outdoor Phone it takes its design cues from the iconic Land Rover Discovery, and has all of the rough-and-tumble chops you’d expect from a phone carrying the Land Rover marque. The handset will be available for pre-order in ...[Read More]

Navdy head-up display review

We take the Navdy head-up display for a test drive. Review unit supplied by iStore​. Shot using Fujifilm X-T2 and XT20 cameras c/o Fujifilm​ and a DJI Osmo+ c/o NavWorld​.

Indoor GPS’ could stop you getting lost – or going hungry – ever again

Gatwick Airport is hoping you’ll never get lost on the way to catch a flight again. The London airport has recently installed a wayfinding system that works like a kind of indoor GPS to direct customers around the building using their smartphones. We could soon see this “blue dot” technology being used in more and more large commercial buildings, such as shopping malls and conference centres, to h...[Read More]

Protecting your privacy if you use a route mapping app

There are plenty of smartphone apps that can help map your movements as you are driving, cycling, running or just out for a good walk. Many of these apps encourage you to share your route publicly on websites or with friends on social media. Some people even go to extreme lengths to pre-plan their routes to produce maps with entertaining shapes. What many people don’t realise is that by using such...[Read More]

Did the earth move for you? How GPS tracks the slow movements of a world in motion

If you feel that the earth beneath your feet is moving, it’s because it is. Since the late 1980s geophysicists including myself have been building a network of advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) instruments to monitor the Earth. These instruments are sophisticated versions of those in smart phones or sat-nav and allow us to determine positions of bedrock or buildings at the level of millimet...[Read More]

Garmin Vivoactive: Jack of most trades, master of some

The Garmin Vivoactive is part smartwatch, part sports watch and part fitness tracker. While it plays some of these roles very well, being a Jack of so many trades it’s only a master of some. Nonetheless, Garmin has managed to cram a plethora of features into a surprisingly svelte device that offers far longer battery life than we’d expected, and that’s a great start. Being a Garm...[Read More]

Your next flight could use a Kickstart(er) – This is Trunkster

It might sound like a loveable yet squishy mascot from an unreleased Ghostbusters movie but Trunkster, the hugely popular addition to Kickstarter’s collection of newly-funded endeavours, might just change the way that you navigate the airport. That’s because this is a smart suitcase, of sorts. To start with, there are no zips here. Trunkster tosses them out in favour of a ‘slidin...[Read More]

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