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Gboard will now suggest GIFs based on your texting habits, and AI

Ever felt like you know exactly what you want to say, but just can’t find the perfect GIF for it? Well, Google, with the help of some AI speculation tech, wants to help you with that issue. Google’s keyboard app, Gboard (which is available on Android and iOS) will now suggest relevant GIFs, emoji, and stickers for certain conversations. While typing a message, a suggested GIF icon will appear in t...[Read More]

Float across the screen with a new Gboard update

Google’s keyboard app, Gboard, has added a few new features recently, the most useful of which, is the Floating Keyboard mode, that should make more than a few phablet-users happy. The changes aren’t massive, but should bring users on big phones at least some joy. Using a handle located at the bottom of the independent keyboard, it can be positioned anywhere your heart desires. On the phone screen...[Read More]

Mini meme: Make your handset handsome

Don’t settle for smartphone conformity: download these apps to add flavour to your phone experience with new ringtones, launchers and wallpapers. Nova Launcher Free (IAPs) /Android Countless Android launchers rattle around Google Play, mostly slowly heading towards oblivion… but Nova Launcher has serious staying power. This capable app is smart, straightforward and hugely configurable. It’s a grea...[Read More]

Gboard, Google’s new iPhone app, puts search right into the keyboard

Google has gotten chummier with iOS over the years, bringing over most of its services as native apps, but Android remains its home territory – which is why it’s so odd to see an noteworthy Google app hit iPhone first. Gboard is the company’s new keyboard app, and it’s available yesterday in the US exclusively for iPhone. Third-party keyboard apps are a pain to use on iOS, ...[Read More]

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