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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Supermassive. Super-powered. Super niche

So here it is: the sequel you weren’t expecting to a smartphone that wouldn’t stop exploding. And yet Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 isn’t all that different from its pyromaniacal predecessor. A big, supercharged handset with a jaw-dropping display, it’s every bit the kick-ass flagship phablet you’d expect. The headline change for 2017? This Note really, really shouldn’t go ‘boom’ anytime soon. That’s wh...[Read More]

Watch someone bend, fold, and mutilate a new Samsung Note 8

Say what you like about Samsung’s handsets, the new Galaxy Note 8 has proved itself an attractive device so far. Not only is it the most powerful phone that Samsung has released to date, it’s also one of the most durable. Just how durable is a question that YouTube user JerryRigEverything put to the phone when he took a brand new Galaxy Note 8 out of its box and then started scratching...[Read More]

5 things we love about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – and 3 we don’t

After last year’s flaming debacle that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, we’re pleased to confirm that the Galaxy Note 8 is here – and it’s rather excellent. Granted, it took some time for the problem to emerge last year, but we’re hopeful that the Note 8 will survive for the long haul and reestablish Samsung’s stylus-centric, super-sized smartphone line. But the G...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus: the weigh-in

In the market for a really big, really expensive smartphone? Well, Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus remains an appealing pick… but here comes Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 to add another contender. Last year’s Galaxy Note 7 launch went up in flames (quite literally) when defective batteries yielded explosive results, forcing Samsung to recall all of the devices. We expect a much smoother rollout ...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy Note 7: the weigh-in

Chances are very slim that you currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, despite how impressive it was at launch last year. Why? Because Samsung recalled them all. While the phone itself was gorgeous and worked beautifully during testing, a number of buyers experienced extremely dangerous battery issues that led to fires and small explosions, including injury and damage. So Samsung took them all back...[Read More]

Local pricing for the Note 8, and no surprise it’s S Pensive

The Note 8 looks like the phone we’ve been dreaming of since, well, the Note 5. And now we know what it’ll cost and when we can have it. Pre-orders open on 1 September 2017 with the first devices making their way to users on 22 September. Recommended retail pricing is set at R18,500, which is actually a little cheaper than the R20,000 we were expecting. We’re excited about a lot ...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 hands-on

If someone sets fire to your pants once, are you ever really going to trust them with a box of matches again? That’s just how big a deal the Galaxy Note 8 is for Samsung. Last year’s explosive Note 7 launch (and subsequent recall) was nothing short of calamitous, so its successor absolutely has to restore confidence in the battered sub-brand. The good news? It’s every bit the kick-ass flagship pha...[Read More]

Samsung Note 8: Everything you need to know

Samsung unveiled its new, highly anticipated Note 8 device at an event in New York City today and, as tends to be the case with mobile phone launches these days, the rumour mill was spot-on when it comes to the key features. A dual-camera setup, 6.3in “Infinity Display”, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of storage (expandable by a further 256GB via microSD) and a slew of new software features are all ...[Read More]

7 things the Galaxy Note 8 must do for Samsung to reclaim the smartphone top spot

Given the unfortunate fate of last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Galaxy Note 8 has a pretty low bar to rise above to be considered a success: it has to still be on the market in a couple of months. The Note 7’s infamous exploding battery debacle led to a complete recall of last year’s smashing device, leaving the market devoid of a top-end, stylus-centric smartphone for a ful...[Read More]

Here’s how to catch Samsung’s Unpacked Note 8 event as it happens

There are many, many ways to watch Samsung’s 23 August Unpacked event, taking place in New York this evening. If you were good at planning (and knew some of the right people) then you could have left for New York earlier this week, braving two days of flights and other methods of transit so that you could get a front-row seat of the proceedings. It’s a little late for that so if you...[Read More]

Samsung’s Note 8 specs benched, plus a possible camera surprise

Just when you think you know it all, something shows up and makes you question what you know. This is as true of the Galaxy Note 8 as it is with the rest of life — there’s always something more to learn. Which is our long-winded way of saying that everything we know is… different. Well, not everything. And not that different. But there are reports of a subtle change for the Note ...[Read More]

These are the final specs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 — three weeks early

First it was the image leak and now it’s final specifications for the Galaxy Note 8 that have been laid bare — several weeks before Samsung is set to make them official. That steamroller really is gathering momentum. What looks to be the final Galaxy Note 8 info comes by way of leaker Evan Blass, who seems to have a telepathic link with people involved in creating smartphones. Citing a...[Read More]

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