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iPhone X up for pre-order in SA, starting from R20,500

We’ve waited long enough for this so we probably speak for everyone when we say: It’s about time. South African pricing for the iPhone X has been revealed and it’s… about what we were expecting, actually. Which is a nice way of saying that the iPhone X, which is now available for pre-order (though the link wasn’t live at the time of writing), will set you back R20,500...[Read More]

iPhone 8 launching in SA on 20 October

Are your buying fingers ready? We hope so, because we’ve got an on-sale date for Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus for South Africa. And that on-sale date is Friday, 20 October, from the iStore. Just one problem. iStore has not given out any pricing or even hints as to what Apple’s iPhone 8 will set us back yet. They’re probably saving that for a little closer to the time,...[Read More]

The Apple Nike+ Watch drops in SA on 28 October

You know that the Apple Watch Series 2 is already out and that the Series 1 is also on the market but you’ve been waiting. Why? Because you’re after the Nike+ Watch, obviously. And, if you’re a South African shopper who doesn’t hold with importing just so you can be first, then your crack at the Apple Nike+ Watch is going to be happening this week. The wristwear will be dro...[Read More]

The 16GB iPhone SE will cost R8,500

First things first, in 2016, Apple, the most valuable tech company in the world, and thus one would think one of the wisest, still sees fit to make phones with only 16GB of storage and no option of expanding the storage via a microSD slot. Unbelievable? Absolutely. But what’s that thing about truth being stranger than fiction, again? Oh yeah, that it often is. Second things second, local pri...[Read More]

The iPad Pro 9.7in is available today, from R11 900

Trust Core to do this to us on a Friday. Not that we don’t love surprises but… Anyhow, if you’re itching to get your iPad on and your Air 2 is leaking a little, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now pick up an iPad Pro 9.7in in South Africa. The newest in fruit tablets can be ordered online today, directly from the iStore, and the device will be available in retail sto...[Read More]

You have another shot at winning yourself a BrydgeAir keyboard

So you thought you missed out, did you? Understandable, we did just give away a BrydgeAir Keyboard for iPad Air or iPad Air 2 last week. And since there can be only one, in most competitions¬†and in the Highlander movies, we can see how you might have felt… bummed. Fear not however, you have another shot at the BrydgeAir. As it happens, we have another one to give away and, as before, the giv...[Read More]

Apple’s 15in Force Touch MacBook Pro, 5K iMac priced for SA

The Core Group, local purveyors of all things Apple, have announced what it will cost you to get your hands on one of Apple’s new 15-inch MacBook Pro units (with Force Touch included) or that massive-screened 5K iMac. There are two versions of the Retina MacBook with Force Touch, divided by their storage options. You can pick up a 256GB edition for just shy of R30,000, which the 512GB SSD op...[Read More]

Core revises pricing for current MacBooks

With the new 12-inch Apple MacBook expected in coming months and a range of updates to the existing MacBook Air and MacBook Pro ranges Core, the South African distributor of Apple’s products has revised its pricing for current devices and revealed the pricing of the updated versions of the existing lines. There’s no news on the pricing for the 12-inch MacBook, yet, but given the US pri...[Read More]

Here are the RRPs for the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 in SA

The iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3 are due to hit South Africa pretty soon and there are bound to be folks out there who are keen on upgrading their entire Apple arsenal. Core Group have just released the recommended pricing for the two new tablets and they’re going to be starting at R5,500. That’s for the iPad mini 3’s WiFi-only, 16GB version. Scaling up through the 64GB and 128...[Read More]

New iPads turn older ones into bargains

Two weeks ago Apple unveiled anticipated updates to its tablet range in the form of the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. Core, the South African importer of Apple products, has since announced price reductions on selected iPads, making already excellent devices far more pocket friendly. The biggest change to both the new iPad Air and the new iPad mini is the inclusion of a Touch ID fingerprint sens...[Read More]

Core details South African pricing for Apple’s stripped-down 21.5-inch iMac

You might recall that Apple announced an new entry-level iMac configuration for the world at large last week, with availability starting immediately in most places. In very short order, South African distributor Core has announced local pricing and availability for the 21.5-inch Apple desktop and the cost… isn’t bad at all. As from “early July”, with a more specific date pr...[Read More]

Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display priced, landing in SA tomorrow

South African distributor of Apple products Core Group have just announced the pricing and release date for Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display for this country. The launch date is just around the corner, the devices should be available from tomorrow, 18 December. It may be cutting it a little close for Christmas shopping and hopefully your budget will stretch to fit – the pricing fo...[Read More]

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