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CliffCentral unWired wireless earphones – Affordable buds for your lugholes

At the Stuff offices we’re accustomed to receiving loads of tech from around the world but almost nothing that is primarily South African. Even Vodacom’s series of smartphones are designed and released as Vodafone devices in the UK before getting here. So getting a pair of’s unWired earphones was […]

WeChat Africa to invest R50 million in tech startups

Instant messaging service WeChat Africa has announced it intends to invest R50 million in African tech startups. The company will take applications from startups in January, and those that take its fancy will get support from it for a “speedy entrance into the market using the WeChat platform”, according to a […]

21 November – StuffCentral talks all things Samsung, including VR

Another week, another round of StuffCentral to look forward to. We still haven’t found Toby (he surfaced briefly before jetting off again like some sort of airline-powered superhero) so Liron Segev is standing in again this week. Liron has been joined by Clare Matthes to talk to a bunch of […]

14 November – StuffCentral speaks to someone with the Wright stuff

We’ve lost Toby. Not really, but he’s been away from his desk again so hosting duties for StuffCentral this week were taken over by Liron Segev once again. This week Liron featured Tech Girl Za editor and Sliced Magazine writer Sam Wright as a guest on the show. On the […]

31 October: StuffCentral – Halloween edition?

It’s StuffCentral time again and, you guessed it, Toby has had to hand the controls over to Craig Wilson as host once again. Toby’s in India for the moment but you’ll all know more about that once he returns. This week Craig had Sam Beckbessinger in the studio to talk about […]

24 October – This week StuffCentral goes for a ConnectedDrive

We’re back again – more specifically, Toby’s back from his overseas events and back in the studio again. This week on StuffCentral he’s taking to BMW SA’s Jabulani Selumane, who is the managed to ConnectedDrive here in the country. What is ConnectedDrive, you ask? Good question and there are two […]

17 October – StuffCentral has another stand-in

It’s that time of the week again, where you can catch up on the StuffCentral podcast, hosted every Thursday afternoon at 2PM by CliffCentral if you’re keen on experiencing it live,  by either streaming it from the Stuff website or downloading it for when you have a gap in your busy […]

10 October – StuffCentral gets its Passport ready

It’s that time of the week again, where you can catch up on the StuffCentral podcast, via CliffCentral. As usual, you can stream or download this week’s show for later use. Once again Toby is out of town (that’s part one of the passport reference) so in his place is […]

3 October – StuffCentral, the Windows 10 edition

This week Toby Shapshak is back from his travels and back in the studio to talk about technology. On everyone’s lips this week is Microsoft’s Windows 10 announcement, and all the theories related to why they opted to skip a digit. There’s also talk of the Xbox One launch and […]

26 September – A Node, an Explora and a Nokia phone walk into StuffCentral…

This week on StuffCentral, our usual host Toby Shapshak was out of the country and in Tanzania so Ben Kelly was standing in for him. The topics of conversation for the last full week of September? The Altech Node, as well as the DStv Explora and then a spot of […]

19 September – It’s iOS 8 time at StuffCentral

Another week, another bout of radio shenanigans by Stuff’s Toby Shapshak. This week on StuffCentral he was joined in studio by Mike Stopforth, CEO of Cerebra, as well as the CEO and CTO of Netstock to talk about all things tech. On the menu? The obvious, the launch of iOS 8 […]

5 September – Games, IFA and the Raspberry Pi on StuffCentral this week

This week on StuffCentral Stuff‘s Craig Wilson and Brett Venter got to speaking about the tech (mostly phone-based) that has come out of the Berlin IFA 2014 event so far this year. We also got to speak with the GM of RS Components Brian Andrew about the newly-updated Raspberry Pi […]

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