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Apple iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max vs iPhone XR: Which should you buy?

This year iPhone fans have quite a challenge ahead — which one of the extremely similar iPhones should buyers choose? Apple unveiled three different iPhones a month ago, and all three are compelling in their own right. Granted, all three look about the same at a glance, but it’s the small (and bigger) differences that’ll really determine your choice between the iPhone XS, iPhone ...[Read More]

iPhone XR pre-orders open on 19 October in SA, launches 26 October

Apple’s announcements in September might not have impressed some users, especially after Apple decided to put pretty excessive price tags on their two high-end devices. But there was a third. The iPhone we are most excited about is the iPhone XR. And we can now confirm it is coming to South Africa on 26 October this year. X’R Us iStore South Africa has confirmed that the more affordable opti...[Read More]

Apple leaks upcoming iPhone names on their own website

Of course there has to be a leak on the day of Apple’s iPhone reveal. This time we’ve found out exactly what the three new iPhone handsets will be called — and we were not that far off in our earlier speculation. The leak seems to have confirmed that iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR will be the names for the three new smartphones expected to be announced tonight. Website ATH spotted the names...[Read More]

Leaked iPhone XC dummies give us a colourful glimpse of the Apple event

We’ve caught most of the Apple rumours leading up to their event this week, including the iPhone excess (XS) and the updated iPad Pro, but what we really want to know more about is the ‘budget’ iPhone X that is supposed to feature a 6.1in LCD display. This affordable addition to the iPhone X lineup is reported to be called the iPhone XC, possibly a play on the similarly ‘low-cost...[Read More]

Apple rumour roundup: New iPhones, iPad Pros, and a Mac Mini expected

We’re expecting at least a few upgraded and/or new hardware products to launch later this year from Apple, which will include three new iPhones, two new iPads and a whole lineup of new Macs. Ming-Chi Kuo, trusted Apple commentator and KGI analyst, published a research note with his predictions for Apple’s fall (or US autumn, spring here, of course) 2018 hardware lineup, that was also publish...[Read More]

Apple’s iPhone XI is due soon: Here’s what we know so far

We’ve heard rumours about multiple sizes and different screen resolutions, but what exactly does Apple have up its collective sleeve for their 2018 device? Will it be the iPhone XI? The iPhone 11? The iPhone X2, just for the fun of it, because who needs an iPhone 9? We aren’t sure what it’ll be called yet – but we have heard loads about what might be on the horizon, hardware-wise. The ...[Read More]

Apple working on largest iPhone yet – Because bigger is better, right?

The rumours are in, and they say that Apple is working on a giant iPhone X. Hopefully one fit for human use, and not just those with orcishly large hands… As we already know (or at least think we know), Apple is expanding the iPhone X range and will include three new handsets in the line. We have even more info on this expansion, as reported by Bloomberg earlier this week. According to the report,...[Read More]

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