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The death of our privacy will be the thing we regret the most when we look back at 2017

2017 was the year our social media innocence died. Sadly, the biggest tech trend this year is the one that has dominated headlines for months: how social media has been usurped from its original personal sharing intentions into becoming a cesspool of hatred, trolling, threats of violence against women and revenge porn. It has also been easily manipulated by Russian propagandists and right-white fa...[Read More]

Amazon Kindle Oasis (2017) – Waterproof and Bluetooth, ain’t that the truth

If you love reading – and we mean really, really love it – you could have done a lot worse than last year’s Kindle Oasis. Amazon’s most expensive e-reader was also its most portable, most pocket-friendly, and longest-lasting. We loved it. Now though, there’s a successor – and it’s somehow even better, despite putting on a few extra grams. With a bigger screen, bigger batter...[Read More]

iPhone vs the world: 2007-2017 — The best takes on the rest

Three things are certain in life: death, taxes and a new iPhone arriving every year. Ever since Steve Jobs revealed Apple’s first foray into the phone world back in 2007, the hunt has been on for a competitor to rise through the ranks and challenge it for the coveted “phone of the year” crown. Now that we’re less than a month away from the launch of the tenth anniversary iPhone, we’ve chronicled t...[Read More]

Apple MacBook (2017) — Surprisingly more than ‘more of the same’

There’s a sense of deja vu as you approach Apple’s 2017 MacBook. It still sports a super-skinny wedge design that suggests Apple won’t be satisfied until its laptops are thin enough to be used as weapons by ninja. It’s still ridiculously light: 920g – or roughly the same as if some idiot glued two of your iPads together. And it still comes in space grey, gold, rose gold, or silver, and costs more ...[Read More]

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) — The best way to get a rounded view of the world?

Playing VR games is no longer enough to mark you out as pioneering geek – these days, you need to be making your own VR films too. That’s where 360-degree cameras come in. Samsung’s original Gear 360 was a little disappointing – while it performed well enough, it was too fussy about what it worked with, too expensive and a bit too bulky to fit in your pocket. Samsung seems ...[Read More]

Expect GoPro’s 360-degree 5.2K Fusion camera to launch by year-end

When we think of fusion we think of the word ‘nuclear’. Or Dragon Ball Z. But given how GoPro has lent its name to pretty much every action camera around, perhaps the company’s newly announced Fusion 360-degree camera will wind up claiming that word for them too. But a plain-old 360-degree camera just isn’t going to cut it. Samsung has two on the market. Nokia makes a very ...[Read More]

Apple iPad (2017) – It might look like more of the same but…

The new iPad is now just plain old ‘iPad’. But in contrast to the revolutionary original, this latest Apple tablet looks like a regression – half-way between its two Air-branded predecessors. It might be easy to give this latest iteration a cursory glance and conclude it doesn’t do anything new, but take one look at the price and you’ll change your tune. R6,000 for this iPad suggests that Ap...[Read More]

Samsung to launch their cleverly-disguised Frame TV later this year

Samsung has, at an event in New York, announced the launch of several 4K and QLED TVs for 2017. Big whoop, right? That’s not really the New York event we’re most keen on. Except… one of those TV sets is the Frame TV. Or, rather, the The Frame TV. Which doesn’t look much like a television set at all. Instead, as you can see from the picture above, it resembles a piece of art...[Read More]

Not content with just phones, Xiaomi to announce its own mobile chipset this month

China’s Xiaomi is doing very well for itself of late. It’s one of the largest forces in the Chinese mobile market and it is making inroads into other markets as well. The company makes everything from mobile phones to drones to laptops and electric bicycles and it makes them cheaply and well. But we could always do with things being a little cheaper. Xiaomi has a plan to make their mob...[Read More]

Overcoming ‘cyber-fatigue’ requires users to step up for security

As a new presidential administration takes over, it will need to pay significant attention to cybersecurity. Indeed, we’ve already been told to expect “a comprehensive plan” for cybersecurity in the first few months of the new administration. But as a professional who has long been part of the global internet security community, I am pessimistic that the typical government and individual plans or ...[Read More]

A MacBook Pro upgrade, with Kaby Lake and 32GB of RAM, on the cards for 2017

Apple’s October 2016 MacBook Pro refresh got up the noses of a lot of people, with the company dropping the ports that made the notebook line a favourite with a certain type of user (anyone who, you know, wanted to connect equipment to the Pro for example). Then there were other considerations, like the hardware upgrade not being quite as impressive as users might have liked. Well, AppleR...[Read More]

Apple’s iPhone 8 may arrive with a stainless steel chassis

Changes are afoot for the iPhone 8, if the latest reports out of Taiwan are accurate. The change, in this case, could be related to the material being used to construct the iPhone 8’s chassis. The aluminium frame that we’ve become so accustomed to might be swapped out for forged stainless steel, according to reports. This info comes by way of DigiTimes, which cites Taiwanese sources as...[Read More]

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