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Pokémon Go no longer has the hype of 2016, but a loyal fanbase remains

A summer spent hunting through local neighbourhoods, parks and shops for virtual monsters is now just a hazy memory to most people who downloaded Pokémon Go. Four out of five users have long since given up trying to “catch ‘em all”, having stopped playing the mobile video game just two months after it peaked. One year on from the game’s release, its developer, Niantic, is now trying to renew some ...[Read More]

Stuff Magazine wishes everyone a very happy festive season

No matter what you’re celebrating this festive season, and even if you’re celebrating nothing more than not being at work for a few days, Stuff Magazine wants to wish each and every one of our readers (even the really super-new ones) a very happy holiday. Or festive season. Or… you get the idea. We’re not going into specifics, you’re all awesome and important. We̵...[Read More]

How Twitter bots affected the US presidential campaign

Key to democracy is public engagement – when people discuss the issues of the day with each other openly, honestly and without outside influence. But what happens when large numbers of participants in that conversation are biased robots created by unseen groups with unknown agendas? As my research has found, that’s what has happened this election season. Since 2012, I have been studying how people...[Read More]

GoPro is recalling its Karma drone due to loss-of-power issues

Well, that was quick. GoPro’s new Karma drone, after just over two weeks on the market, is being subjected to a recall. The recall was announced earlier today (yesterday in the States), along with instructions on how owners can send their potentially wonky drones back for a refund. Some GoPro Karma drones have reportedly been losing power while in flight and displaying other unpredictable be...[Read More]

2016 could be the year of the Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch has been on the market for a long enough time that we should be seeing a sequel any day now (even if we’ve only officially had it in South Africa since October last year). WatchOS has gone through several iterations since launch but now talk is turning towards the Apple Watch 2. If new reports, citing analyst Ming-chi Kuo, are accurate then this is what we’re going to g...[Read More]

Our first official look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 should come in August

Elaborate hoax or legitimate invitation? That’s the question we need to ask ourselves but our money is on legit. Samsung’s new Galaxy Note should be revealed to the world on 2 August this year, right before we all go do the local elections thing. Right? Back to Samsung, an apparent invitation for the company’s Unpacked 2016 event, set to take place in New York on 2 August this ye...[Read More]

No Apple Watch 2 until Sept, claims report, but new bands due in March

With rare exception, Apple’s iPhone and iPad annual revision cycle continues ahead as scheduled, but that may not apply to the Apple Watch: a new report claims we won’t see a sequel to mark its one-year anniversary. That’s according to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, who has a new report out claiming that a second-generation Apple Watch model is currently planned to release in spring ins...[Read More]

Yesterday’s Twitter outage blamed on software update

We were not really aware of our reliance on social media. Not really, until yesterday’s Twitter outage hit and we were unable to view or post on the service. Then it suddenly felt as though a hand had been lopped off. We don’t think we were alone. As to the cause of the outage, which spread its productivity-increasing tendrils around the world to Africa, Europe, North America, and the ...[Read More]

Games For The New Year: 15 Games To Include In Your Calendar In 2016

Gaming in 2015 was huge. Mostly because of the massive trend in open-world gameplay, as was evidenced by Stuff‘s top picks for the year. 2016 looks, if anything, to be even bigger though it seems that this could well be the year of the shooter rather than the role-playing game. As for virtual reality… that might come into it a little too. We could be in for a few surprises come E3 but ...[Read More]

The Apple iPhone 7 in 2016 – What we’re expecting so far

A fresh year, a fresh set of expectations. Except when it comes to Apple’s iPhone what we’re expecting is always “better than last year”. They haven’t really managed to disappoint, though some updates have been incremental at best, but 2016 is going to be a rough year for them. How do you take something like the iPhone 6s and improve on it without going the Samsung ro...[Read More]

BlackBerry will only release Android phones in 2016

The BlackBerry Priv is a revolutionary phone for the ailing company, and not because of the slider design or the high-end specs: it’s because the Priv is the first BlackBerry to run Android rather than its own homegrown operating system. And that move must really be paying dividends for BlackBerry, because CEO John Chen tells CNET that the company will only release Android-based devices in 2...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S7 rumours – bigger battery, bigger screen, bigger everything

The Samsung Galaxy S7 rumour train pulled out of the station in September last year and it’s still picking up steam. There are said to be several versions of the new flagship headed our way and they’re going to be quite different to their predecessors if the latest reports have any credence to them. Let us see what is trailing behind the rumour engine in early 2016, shall we? Bigger Sc...[Read More]

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