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Uber South Africa opens call centres for local users

Uber South Africa opens call centres for local users

Brace yourselves for the craziness that is the South African road system in the holiday season. This includes the people who generally choose to Uber, though those folks will hopefully be a little calmer. Why? Because the company is finally launching a call centre in South Africa.

The call centre is aimed at providing 24/7 telephonic support to customers who experience issues, whether that’s something left in a car, a problem with billing, or any other issue that befalls them. The best bit? It’s available from today.

After doing some market research, Uber found that South Africans prefer to speak to real people. If you remember — Uber previously only offered email support services. Now South Africans who use the Uber app will also have access to the call centre. You know, in case. 

This is how you use it: Open Help in the main menu of the Uber app and select the Call option, and a real-life person will answer your phone call. Revolutionary! Okay, to be honest, certain issues are likely better explained over the phone. And customers can now feel empowered to contact Uber directly instead of waiting for that return email.

This is a great step for Uber in South Africa, because according to News24, there are around 680,000 people with Uber accounts in South Africa. That’s a lot of potential problems.

Source: Fin24

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  1. I wish to call UBER as I am being refused rides due to an unpaid ride – at least that is what it told me recently. I can’t check this as I don’t want to call an uber at the moment but will need to over the festive season and do not wish to find then that I am unable to get home. I have gone to the help screen to access the Call Centre but that option does not appear. So now what can I do????

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