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The Nintendo Switch Lite has South African pricing

The Nintendo Switch Lite has South African pricing

Nintendo created the Switch Lite console for the sole purpose of bringing some Switch love to people who cannot afford the full-spec Switch. And it looks like that’s true for local enthusiasts too, who finally have local pricing for the mobile-only console. What price greatness? To gain entry into Nintendo’s wonderful world of gaming, it’s gonna cost you a bit more than half what the Switch costs. But you won’t lose a bit more than half the features. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite loses some of the bits that make us love the current Switch. No more removable Joy-Cons and no TV-out support makes it slightly less desirable, but still a cool handheld console to own. You’ll still enjoy access to all the Switch titles, including Zelda and Mario Cart (without frens this time tho). Even Fortnite and Paladins will work on the Lite-gen Switch. So… same-same? 

Not quite. The display has also shrunk a bit to 5.5in, down from 6.2in. On the bright side, the Switch Lite will last longer than its big-bro Switch, according to Nintendo. The company holds that you’ll get about 3 to 7 hours on a charge here, which works out to about 30 mins longer than the full-spec Switch. 

It feels like Nintendo’s gone back to its GameBoy roots, because the Switch Lite is essentially a beefed-up version of its previous handheld consoles. And we’re totally okay with that.

The Nintendo Switch Lite will land in South Africa on 20 September and will be available from a wide range of retailers nationwide. Recommended retail price is set at R4,000 — a good R3k or so less than the previous Switch. 

Marce is the Deputy Editor at Stuff Magazine.

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