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Meet the Pixel phones, Google’s homegrown answer to the iPhone

Google today unveiled its new Pixel smartphones, and in doing so made it clear it wants the Apple-like control over hardware and software that has long made the iPhone the darling of mobile developers. There’ll be two Pixel devices to choose from, a 5in model and a larger 5.5in Pixel XL, but aside from the different screen sizes and resolutions, and the XL packing a bigger battery, on the sp...[Read More]

Worried about the MacBook’s lone USB-C? Hydradock has you covered

Apple’s new MacBook Air models have ditched all of the ports and hold in the side of your slice of fruit in favour of the USB-C connector, which does everything from charge the notebook to facilitating transfers of data and connecting peripherals. But is a single port enough, especially when it seems that this is a coming trend from Apple? Not for some users, who like to plug in EVERYTHING. ...[Read More]

Google: We’ll use USB Type-C for future Android phones

It debuted on Apple’s new MacBook, then the second-generation Chromebook Pixel a couple of days later. Where next for USB Type-C? Android phones, that’s where. Google has revealed that Android smartphones are in line to adopt the new socket standard, along with more Chromebooks. In a YouTube video posted by Google, the Chrome team bigged up USB Type-C to the max, saying it offered a triple whammy ...[Read More]

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