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Sony Xperia Touch review: Great idea, terrible result

Bring it on Tony Stark, we’re inching closer to touchscreen surfaces, one intriguing prototype at a time. The Sony Xperia Touch is the first one to come to market in South Africa, and — more importantly — the first to arrive on our desks for testing. The Xperia Touch generated plenty of hype when it was teased a few years back, and the eventual commercial version has some nifty feature...[Read More]

Amputee gets to experience touch again via bionic arm and nerve implant

A team of EU researchers have done something that can definitely be considered a great technological feat. They have successfully creating a bionic prosthesis that has allowed an amputee to experience touch again. Dennis Sørensen, the amputee test subject, had a series of electrode implanted into the two main nerve bundles in his upper-left arm. After 31 days Dennis was then fitted with a special ...[Read More]

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