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Stuff’s load shedding survival guide – Unlimited power!

We’re not here to disappoint anyone — we know you’re all quite fidgety because you’ve been stuck watching prehistoric Netflix (a candle flickering against the wall) for the past two weeks. Maybe you haven’t had a proper warm bath for a few days, or you’ve long since blown your UberEats budget. Here’s something to brighten up your gloom slightly — Stuff’s load shedding survival guide! I...[Read More]

A survival guide for the coming AI revolution

If the popular media are to be believed, artificial intelligence (AI) is coming to steal your job and threaten life as we know it. If we do not prepare now, we may face a future where AI runs free and dominates humans in society. The AI revolution is indeed underway. To ensure you are prepared to make it through the times ahead, we’ve created a handy survival guide for you. Step 1: Recognising AI ...[Read More]

Without a generator – Stuff’s Load Shedding Survival Guide

Not everybody can afford a generator, or solar panels or a gas-powered alternative energy source (they are nice and quiet though). But load-shedding is still a reality for South African residents and you’ve got to do something with the electricity down-time that we’re all being so lovingly treated to. How do you get by when the power’s out and there’s nothing to do but sit ...[Read More]

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