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Apple updates iMac and brings Force Touch to desktop

Apple’s 27-inch, 5K-display touting iMac has been available in SA for a few months now, and the latest 15-inch MacBook Pro already offers Force Touch (the trackpad’s ability to distinguish between light and heavier presses), but now the 21.5-inch iMacs have had an update to give them Retina displays, and new wireless accessories, including a new standalone trackpad, bring Force Touch t...[Read More]

Everything you need to know about the iPad Pro

“If you see a stylus, they blew it,” said Steve Jobs in 2010. Guess what’s gone and happened five years later? Yup. Apple’s launched the iPad Pro, a huge 12.9-inch/32.9cm tablet that’s best utilised with a Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil — a stylus by any other name. Finally, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 has some serious competition. But should you go out and...[Read More]

Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display priced, landing in SA tomorrow

South African distributor of Apple products Core Group have just announced the pricing and release date for Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display for this country. The launch date is just around the corner, the devices should be available from tomorrow, 18 December. It may be cutting it a little close for Christmas shopping and hopefully your budget will stretch to fit – the pricing fo...[Read More]

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