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Huawei P9 – Consistently different but can it challenge the best?

Being first matters. It gets your name in the history books, lets you register those billion-dollar-earning patents and provides supremo bragging rights. Huawei likes being first. The Huawei P9 is the first phone to feature a dual-camera setup where one of the cameras is black and white, but the other is colour. Yes, that means you can take a seriously gorgeous black’n’white shot – but there...[Read More]

The Huawei P9, P9 Plus have launched – Here’s what you’ll pay

Huawei’s got a new phone or two heading your way and they’re hoping you’re going to pay for the camera tech that they’ve got in store. The camera-focused Huawei P9 and the Huawei P9 Plus both launched in South Africa last night and we’ve got the specs and the prices for you right here. The Huawei P9 starts at R12,000, while the P9 Plus is going to set you back R13,500...[Read More]

Huawei P9 pips iPhone 7 to the next mobile milestone with dual cameras

Huawei likes nothing more than to outdo Apple, and it has — apparently — done it once again with the Huawei P9, which has two cameras. Of course, the LG G5 also has two cameras, but they’re two different cameras, one 16MP regular field-of-view model and another 12MP wide-angle FOV. Huawei’s pair of cameras, meanwhile, are designed to shoot one picture, and that’s a first. Rumours...[Read More]

You’ll be getting your first look at the Huawei P9 at the 6 April announcement

We’ve been peeking in on Huawei’s unannounced P9 flagship for more than a week, with speculation pegging the official reveal as taking place in early April. Guess what? The second part of that sentence was, happily, just proved correct. Which means… …nothing, yet. Just that we’re very likely going to see the Huawei P9 revealed at an event in London on 6 April this yea...[Read More]

Huawei P9 reveal looks locked for early April

There might not be too long to wait until Huawei’s dual camera-packing P9 superphone gets an official reveal. According to the man behind @evleaks Evan Blass, the P9 will be arriving in early April. He originally said it would be the 6th, but a follow-up tweet from part-time leaker @fullmoonleaks corrected that to the 5th. Seeing as that account has been mostly dormant since July 2015, we...[Read More]

The best look yet at Huawei’s unannounced P9

Talk about jumping the gun – Huawei’s P9 hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet, and everything about it has just been laid bare. A complete set of pictures and specifications have been leaked to VentureBeat, showing Huawei’s upcoming flagship phone long before the company was ready to announce it. So what are we looking at here, exactly? This is most likely the mainstre...[Read More]

Leaked Huawei P9’s dual cameras are focused on MWC

You’d almost think there was some kind of global phone show happening soon, what with all the leaks that are popping up all over the net this week. Huawei’s the latest victim, with renders of the upcoming P9 appearing on Chinese blogging site Weibo. The flagship phone stands out for one big reason other than the hot pink colour; it’s got a dual-lens, dual-12MP sensor camera senso...[Read More]

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