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Budget Mods for budget Motorolas are coming next year

Lenovo-owned Motorola intends to bring the modular system found on its flagship Moto Z device to more affordable devices in 2018, and will offer different quality Mods in the same categories to cater to different budgets. That’s according to Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo chairman and CEO. Yuanqing made the comments during a press briefing at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Monday. “We ar...[Read More]

Motorola partners with Amazon and promises new Mods

Lenovo-owned Motorola has announced a new partnership with Amazon that’ll see the online retailer’s voice assistant Alexa offered on the smartphone maker’s flagship Moto Z device via a Mod. It’s a concept at the moment, rather than something we can get our hands on, but it’s no doubt going to irk Android-maker Google, which would doubtless prefer to see it Google Assi...[Read More]

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