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A leaked ad forces DJI to confirm Mavic 2 drone specs

Have you ever done something you regret immediately but know that you can’t undo? That’s what the print industry risks every day, and an error like printing an ad way out of schedule can lead to a Mavic mishap… just ask drone- and gimbal-maker DJI. We knew that DJI had new versions of the Mavic Pro on the way, but not quite what they would look like. Thanks to a mistakenly published advertis...[Read More]

Another day, another drone – The Mavic Pro is DJI’s 4K reply to GoPro’s foldable Karma

Usually its karma biting someone else, rather than someone else trying to take a bite out of Karma. DJI has revealed its newest drone, called the Mavic Pro, and if it’s not a direct reply to GoPro’s new Karma drone then we’ve never seen a direct reply before. When it comes to DJI’s flyers, we’re used to the Phantom form factor — white, looks like it’s stan...[Read More]

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