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LG’s next smartphone rumoured to have 5 camera sensors

Earlier this year we saw LG’s notch-bearing addition to their smartphone lineup, the G7 ThinQ, and it’s just about time for the new V-series increment to drop. We’ve only heard rumours so far, not enough to even know the actual name of this device, but to keep it simple (and perhaps accurate) we’re calling it the V40.  The expected V40 is rumoured to have a total of five camera sensors, according ...[Read More]

LG unveils G7 smartphone in South Africa with pricing starting at R14,000

Three weeks after the global announcement of its new flagship, LG‘s finally confirmed the G7 ThinQ handset will be coming to South Africa. Like the G6 and G5 before it, the G7’s secondary rear camera goes wide rather than telephoto — as favoured by most of its rivals — and, like the G6, the two sensors are 16MP. We’ve always liked LG’s wide-angle secondary shoot...[Read More]

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