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GoPro Karma — Doesn’t quite hit the stratospheric heights of its rivals

GoPro’s Karma must have flown into a few mirrors as it left the factory in 2016, as a battery disconnect issue among early models led to a full product recall in November of that year. It was a bad time for the action cam maker, but after some reworking its debut drone is back. Unfortunately for GoPro, its competitors haven’t stood still, and the likes of DJI’s Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro models...[Read More]

GoPro is recalling its Karma drone due to loss-of-power issues

Well, that was quick. GoPro’s new Karma drone, after just over two weeks on the market, is being subjected to a recall. The recall was announced earlier today (yesterday in the States), along with instructions on how owners can send their potentially wonky drones back for a refund. Some GoPro Karma drones have reportedly been losing power while in flight and displaying other unpredictable be...[Read More]

Another day, another drone – The Mavic Pro is DJI’s 4K reply to GoPro’s foldable Karma

Usually its karma biting someone else, rather than someone else trying to take a bite out of Karma. DJI has revealed its newest drone, called the Mavic Pro, and if it’s not a direct reply to GoPro’s new Karma drone then we’ve never seen a direct reply before. When it comes to DJI’s flyers, we’re used to the Phantom form factor — white, looks like it’s stan...[Read More]

GoPro hopes their Karma drone will bring them good fortune

It’s been a long time coming, and there have been some stalls along the way, but GoPro has finally revealed their own branded drone. Introducing Karma: a foldable quadcopter that fits perfectly into its little backpack, ready to be flown wherever you may go. Why did GoPro do this? Well, other consumer drones on the market have been making extensive use of the company’s action cameras. ...[Read More]

Light Start – SpaceX go boom, GoPro Karma, Montblanc paper, and talking Kawas

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 explodes on the launchpad, taking Facebook’s satellite with it Usually when we talk about SpaceX it’s because they’ve done something awesome, like landed a rocket on a barge (or only just missing it). It’s been a while since something’s gone properly wrong but that’s space travel for you. A Falcon 9 rocket, set to launch from Cape Canaver...[Read More]

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