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Lenovo uses the classic RAZR to tease a new Moto phone on 9 June

Remember the Motorola RAZR V3? Of course you do. If you didn’t have the 2004 phone yourself, chances are you envied everyone else around you who did. And Lenovo, which swallowed up Motorola last year, knows that. Surprisingly, it’s the appeal of the classic RAZR that Motorola is trying to evoke with its new teaser, which popped up on YouTube last night. The description says, “Fli...[Read More]

Siri said it, Apple confirmed it, that settles it – WWDC will take place from 13-17 June

Yesterday Apple’s Siri digital assistant, for those of you just emerging into the light after the hermitage, revealed the dates for this year’s WWDC event. And it was there for the asking. Users querying when the Apple conference would go down were met with the date: 13 June to 17 June, in San Francisco. What Siri wouldn’t do is say where in San Fran Apple’s event would be ...[Read More]

Stand by for Titanfall 2, PS4 gamers – first teaser trailer drops in

Like a 100 tonne mech plummeting in from orbit, the first teaser trailer for Titanfall 2 made a surprise drop-in last night. Respawn Entertainment’s man-versus-robot FPS sequel got confirmed last year, but the first sneak peek has only just appeared. It’s great news for PS4 gamers, too – Titanfall 2 will be coming to Sony’s console as well as the Xbox One. The original Tita...[Read More]

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