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Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless – Sound travels far and wide

It’s starting to look like the future is all wireless, all the time. With many flagship phones dropping the headphone jack we will soon need to start opting for wireless options like the Skullcandy Hesh 3 Wireless. Skullcandy sees the future coming and that’s why they are offering the best of both worlds with these wireless cans that also come with a nifty 3.5mm audio cable for when you inevitably...[Read More]

The best just got better – The Jabra Elite Sport levels up and lasts longer than ever before

The Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds have gotten even more powerful, scaling up its abilities over the already awesome original version. The upgraded Elite Sport buds are now the proud owners of features like: • All-day power. Enjoy up to 13.5 hours of battery life • Personalize your sound. Equalizer profiles and settings • Available in All Black  In addition to the upgraded functionality, all t...[Read More]

Samsung’s U Flex headphones will bend over backwards to please you

If you’re using an Android, specifically a recent Samsung Android, then chances are you’re in the market for a set of mobile headphones. Not that there’s anything wrong with the AKG-made buds bundled with the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus but we do like the look of Samsung’s wireless U Flex neckband headphones. The new U Flex, based on the animated video below, are being design...[Read More]

AKG N60NC – Headphones of the Year 2016

A few years ago, AKG was a mere blip on our headphone radar. Today, it’s one of the first brands we point people at when they want a combination of quality and affordability. The N60NC cans are a perfect example. How so? Active noise-cancelling, understated design, incredible comfort, brilliant battery life, and a carry pouch complete with an airline-friendly adaptor, all for half the price ...[Read More]

Apple’s Airpods are going to be even later than expected

Apple’s high-tech (and much lampooned) wireless Airpods were first announced back when the company revealed the iPhone 7 and all the other goodies that launched alongside it in September this year. Indeed, they were touted as the solution to Apple removing that headphone jack. But, to date, the Airpods have not been seen in stores. The initial launch for Apple’s Airpods was set for the...[Read More]

Galaxy S8 rumours: Round Two – Codenames, early launch, possible headphone changes

Once a leak starts, it’s pretty difficult to get it stopped again. Following early rumours concerning Samsung’s Galaxy S8 screen and camera arrangements, there have been further leaks. Some are just items of interest, like the internal codenames for the S8, but there’s also talk of Samsung launching their new device early… The S8 is a Dream SamMobile reports that their sour...[Read More]

Apple patent application again hints at no headphone port for iPhone 7

It’s relatively early still in the iPhone 7 rumour game, as Apple’s next flagship phone is probably still about five months away from debuting, but one big rumour keeps popping up – and people aren’t very excited about it. The rumour is that Apple will remove the familiar 3.5mm headphone port that’s been on nearly every portable electronic device in history, and inste...[Read More]

Samsung unveils Entrim 4D motion headphones designed for VR

Samsung’s Gear VR headset is the best consumer option for experiencing virtual reality, although the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will deliver more advanced options within weeks. Still, it’s pretty immersive – and Samsung has new hardware to amp up that sensation. Unveiled this week at SXSW 2016, the Entrim 4D is a pair of motion headphones that provide a form of physical feedback to...[Read More]

OSSIC X headphones deliver 3D audio auto-calibrated to your body

There’s nothing quite like a brilliant pair of headphones, but startup OSSIC claims to do something that others don’t: automatically calibrate the 3D audio to the size of your head and adjust the playback as a result. That’s the promise of the OSSIC X headphones, which just hit Kickstarter yesterday and are already raking in loads of cash on the crowdfunding site. With a goal of ...[Read More]

Ultra-Light Start – Google’s quantum PC, super-expensive iPhone cans, and Rolls Royce cocktails

Google and NASA have got themselves an extremely speedy quantum computer We don’t care how much money you have, you’re not going to be giving up your Macbook or Windows machine in favour of a quantum computer any time soon. Google and NASA, on the other hand, have a lot of money. Enough to have bought a 2X quantum PC from company D-Wave, who have been working on the technology for year...[Read More]

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless: Cans worth wanting

We’re the first to admit we’re pretty spoilt when it comes to high-end audio products at Stuff Towers. We’re fortunate enough to get to test the very best in audio gear, which means mid-range (and mid-priced) headphones often leave us, well, whelmed at best. But, with the Hesh 2 Wireless cans from Skullcandy, we’ve found a reasonably priced pair of Bluetooth headphones we a...[Read More]

Skullcandy Grind

The last time that I had my hands on a pair of Skullcandy cans they were part of the company’s gaming range and presented quite a different proposition to the pair of on-ear headphones sitting atop my melon as these words are being typed out. Skullcandy’s Grind, a set of fairly compact wired ‘phones, has been designed to appeal to the younger segment of the market and they’...[Read More]

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