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Jabra Elite 85H – Nobody gets it right the first time. Except, apparently, Jabra

We're no strangers to Jabra at the Stuff offices, though we're far more used to seeing sports headphones and wireless buds with brains to match their beauty. Jabra's Elite 85H is a stranger find, the company's first foray into active noise cancelling (ANC).

Bose Frames – Nothing shady about these smart sunnies. Except in the good way

The Bose Frames, though, have added a new category to our lives: sunglasses that double as wireless headphones. Each arm has a titchy little Bose speaker system that fires right into your ear-holes and just about nowhere else. No broadcasting your music tastes to all and sundry. How about that? There's a multi-function button that does just about everything physical you could possibly want, and a ...[Read More]

Turtle Beach Recon 200 – Another budget gaming audio contender enters the arena

It’s a strange time to be a gamer — in general, but specifically in South Africa. There are more games than ever before, the quality of those games is consistently high (we’re obviously not referring to shovelware, asset flips, and other get-less-poor-quick cash-ins). But games are also more expensive than they’ve ever been, which leaves a little less in the budget for dece...[Read More]

SoundMagic P22BT – Brilliant Bluetooth on a budget

There's a universal constant when it comes to freelance work -- that gig economy we've all heard about. Fast, Good, and Cheap: You're only allowed to have two. The world of tech is often similar. You can have it well-designed, high-performance, or cheap(er). Getting one of the trio is tough enough, and most folks will settle for two (Exhibit A? Apple's large sums of money). Finding all three is li...[Read More]

Listening to music at work: what you need to know to improve your productivity

We all know the struggle that open-plan offices bring for many office-crawlers. Living the headphone life is almost compulsory if you hope to get any work done. What with talk radio and the politics around the stuff that’s usually playing in the background, being in an open office can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. According to numerous studies, music can help with productivity, ...[Read More]

V-Moda Crossfade LP2 – Mighty Morphin Power… Headphones?

With what we were expecting from the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 headphones when we took them from their possibly over-engineered box, it was pleasant to be positively surprised. We started out with high hopes, since the suppliers had taken the trouble to send us Stuff-branded metal shields for the outer ear-cups, and were still impressed despite our high bar-setting. The Crossfade LP2s aren’t just...[Read More]

Apple rumour round-up: AirPods 2.0, over-ear headphones and a new HomePod

You’d be forgiven for thinking Apple only makes iPhones. It doesn’t, it also makes a bunch of accessories for those handsets, and, you know, the iPads, Macs and other kit it sells. Key among its accessories is the audio category. Apple spent $3bn acquiring audio hardware company Beats in 2014, after all. Also, in the age of the phones without audio jacks and smart speakers, audio hardw...[Read More]

We paid a visit to the Sennheiser showroom and it’s an audiophile’s dream

It was quite an experience arriving at the South African Sennheiser showroom only to see a gigantic screen welcoming us on our tour of the facility. Which made us feel rather VIP-like… and a little guilty that we originally wandered in the back door, where there’s a full-scale manufacturing operation. We were met by James Futter who, along with Mitech Direct’s Rodger Reeks, took ...[Read More]

Plantronics BackBeat 500 Fit – Fit’n’this whole playlist into your day

There aren’t many choices for music-loving fitness fanatics when it comes to headphones — and we’re not talking about the in-ear wired mess you can get at every corner shop for R50. No, real on-ear Bluetooth-enabled cans that sit comfortably and blast out tunes at a decent level — that’s what we’re into. In comes the Plantronics BackBeat 500 Fit — discreet supra-aural (on-the-ear...[Read More]

CliffCentral unWired wireless earphones – Affordable buds for your lugholes

At the Stuff offices we’re accustomed to receiving loads of tech from around the world but almost nothing that is primarily South African. Even Vodacom’s series of smartphones are designed and released as Vodafone devices in the UK before getting here. So getting a pair of CliffCentral.com’s unWired earphones was a bit of a strange experience. Gareth Cliff on the box, CliffCentra...[Read More]

You were made to move. Get in the zone with the BackBeat FIT

When it comes to your workout, nothing gets in your way. You’re unstoppable, you have your own personal fitness journey and you want to get it done. For some people, active fitness is a way of life– working out 4-5 times a week and driving to BE good at a physical activity beyond just the potential for feeling good. For others, it might be cross-training alongside a run 2-3 times a week or m...[Read More]

Xqisit oE400 ANC Wireless Headphones – Prepare your earholes

The packaging for the Xqisit oE400 Wireless Headphones should read: “Constructed from mothers’ hugs for introverts and socially awkward individuals.” No, really. Put the oE400 headphones on and forget about your worries while your ears enjoy being in their own little little padded rooms. We had the chance to test out the oE400 ANC Wireless Headphones made by German sound magicians Xqisit. Th...[Read More]

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