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HTC may be about to launch an action camera

HTC is holding an event in New York on 8th October, and now that we’ve seen the invitation we don’t think it’s going to be the HTC Nexus 9’s big debut – we think it’s going to be the company’s first camera. HTC has named the event “Double Exposure”, suggesting it’ll be based on imaging technology of some kind. And now Bloomberg is reporting that the firm has been developing a 16MP “tube-shaped” ca...[Read More]

Microsoft Research’s hyperlapse project makes action footage slick

First-person video cameras like the GoPro range, Garmin’s Virb and Drift’s HD Ghost are growing in popularity, but getting footage from them that doesn’t induce nausea still requires at least a modicum of video-editing skill. A new “hyperlapse” project from a three-man team at Microsoft Research wants to change that. There are two immediate challenges when trying to turn first-person footage into ...[Read More]

Can’t get enough GoPro? Say hi to the Dual Hero

You’ve done ALL the 360 backflips (on a motorcycle) and caught every glorious moment on film, as well as a few inglorious ones. What’s next for the person who has done everything that their GoPro has to offer? How about recording in 3D, something that is now an option thanks to a brand new casing from the action camera company. Called the Dual Hero, GoPro has launched the dual-camera c...[Read More]

GoPro has new action mounts on the way, including a bodyboard option

GoPro cameras are known for being the popular choice when it comes to being crazy on video and adrenaline junkies will be pleased to know that you’ll have more options when it comes to affixing cameras to kit that can chronicle your antics. Available from GoPro’s international store now are a new 3-way mount and then a mount designed specifically for bodyboards – so now you can k...[Read More]

GoPro planning a US IPO, looking to raise $100 million

Action camera manufacturers GoPro, who are responsible for arguably the most popular sports camera series on the market at the moment, are looking to go public in the United States at least. The company has filed documents with regulators stating their intention to embark on their initial public offering (IPO). GoPro is looking to raise $100 million from their IPO, a large proportion of which is i...[Read More]

6 GoPro cameras shoot 360° vid that is out of this world

German based photojournalist Jonas Ginter created what looks like something out of Le Petit Prince, but just so much cooler. Using 6 GoPro cameras mounted on his bicycle, Jonas went for a ride though a park, and the video he shot gives the best ‘miniature world’ we’ve ever seen. Taking just over a year to perfect the technique, Jonas finally finalised a design and 3D-printed the ...[Read More]

Drones used to explore Alaskan ice caverns we humans can’t get at

It’s no secret that we at StuffHQ love all things drones, and if previous applications are taken into account, the technology will certainly have many exciting applications in the future, from delivering our beer, to exploring erupting volcanoes. Another example is the recent exploration of Alaska’s ice caves by Firefight Films. The company fitted a DJI Phantom drone with a GoPro to create the ver...[Read More]

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