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Allo? Allo! Google’s new smart messaging app is live, but can it win us over?

Do we really need another messaging app? Google thinks so, and it doesn’t think its existing Hangouts app is the way to go. Instead, it’s created Google Allo, an instant messaging service that includes all the features you’d expect from a messaging app and one big one you wouldn’t: integrated Google Assistant (which is a bot with features of Google Search and Now). In other...[Read More]

Google Duo is mobile video calling made easy, but will anyone use it?

At Google’s I/O event earlier this year it showed off two new mobile communications apps: the artifical- intelligence toting instant messenger app Allo, and video-calling app Duo. The latter went live today in app stores around the globe, including here in South Africa. So, what does Duo do and should you use it instead of existing solutions like Apple’s FaceTime, Microsoft’s Sky...[Read More]

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