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Stuff goes gaming: rAge 2019 Gaming Expo walkthrough

Whether you made it to rAge 2019 or not, here's the expo floor recap by Stuff. This year's rAge had just about everything geekworthy, have a look.

Fortnite starts a new Chapter with a new, wetter map

The mass panic is over -- because the beloved battle royale game, Fortnite, is back with a new map, updated mechanics and a whole lot of water.

MSI GT76 Titan DT 9SG – This ponderously powerful notebook lives up to its namesake

The question then becomes: What do you play your games on? MSI's GT76 Titan really wants to be your pick there. The major question is: What are you willing to pay for play on the biggest beast around?

Asus ROG Strix Scar III review: Business casual at a trance festival

The Asus Scar range has always been best-in-class. Notably, because they feature some of the best processors and GPU’s on the market - here's what we thought about the Scar III.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is totally a thing, will land by end 2020

Well so much for the future of game consoles being all-streaming, all the time. Sony's officially confirmed the name of its next console and has also given us a release window. You can expect to play games on a PlayStation 5 from the "...holidays 2020". That's around November/December this end of the world, since we've got holidays all over the place. 

Video games can bring older family members’ personal history back to life

It is one thing to learn about history in a classroom. But as any visitor to a living museum or historic site can tell you, a fantastic way to learn is to make a personal connection.

Find comics, games, tech and more at rAge this weekend

That's right, rAge 2019 is here and it's looking... well, you can see how it's looking in the image gallery below. It's looking expensive.

The Last of Us Part II release date and Collector’s Editions announced

If there’s one fictional character we can’t wait to see again, it’s Ellie, the rough, tough little zombie-hunter from The Last of Us which debuted in 2013.

‘Ancestors’: a new game provides insights into how the first humans evolved

The newly released Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey is an open world survival game where you control a group of “hominins” – our first ancestors – and explore, expand, and lock in new knowledge so your “clan” can evolve.

Acer Predator reveals another throne fit for a gaming king called Thronos Air

Acer just announced a ‘cheaper’ successor to the Predator Thronos ahead of IFA 2019 and it’s called the Predator Thronos Air. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite has South African pricing

Nintendo launched the Switch Lite console for the sole purpose of bringing some Switch love to people who cannot afford the full-spec Switch.

Telkom’s VS Gaming partners with Comic Con Africa to bring some esports goodness to the Con

Just like last year, Comic Con Africa has partnered with the Telkom VS Gaming league to bring some esports goodness to local crowds.

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