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Samsung’s going to release its foldable smartphone this year

Samsung has long been rumoured to be working on a foldable smartphone, with the really smart money being on the device carrying the Galaxy X designation when it (eventually) drops. At least ‘eventually’ has just been upgraded to ‘some time this year’, according to a new report from CNBC in the States. Samsung Mobile CEO, DJ Koh, according to the report, has confirmed that S...[Read More]

Samsung’s foldable phone will most likely launch next year

The  company behind the ultimate slide phone, the Samsung E840, might launch the future equivalent next year — a foldable phone. And we’re not talking about an updated Motorola Razr, but rather a smartphone with a 7in touchscreen display… that folds in half. There has been a lot of speculation about Samsung’s foldable device in recent months, but this is the first information received ...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy X – The foldable smartphone that might be appearing at IFA 2017

Flip phones ruled the mobile world until smartphones took over with their touchscreen slabs. However, we might soon be folding our phones in half again – if Samsung has its way. Foldable smartphones are coming, and as with the curved screens of the Galaxy Note Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung appears to be leading the charge. For a couple years now, the company has been sharing concepts of foldabl...[Read More]

Here’s how Samsung’s foldable Galaxy X smartphone will work

It seems inevitable now: Samsung will have a foldable smartphone before too long. Early last year, a company rep said flexible displays were coming to market in 2016, and since then it’s been a barrage of rumours and patent filings on the matter. Earlier this month, a rumour suggested that a foldable Galaxy X phone would appear alongside Samsung’s usual Galaxy flagship model refreshes ...[Read More]

Foldable Galaxy X phone could lead Samsung’s flagship barrage in 2017

Samsung likes to play with the conventions of the smartphone, as we saw with the first Galaxy Note Edge and the subsequent Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge, but the company’s next tweak could be truly mind-blowing. How about a smartphone with a single screen that gently folds in half, letting you pop it in your pocket like a wallet? That’s the hot rumour, as SamMobile cites a post out...[Read More]

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